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Makhzoumi Foundation
History and Background

The Founder’s Message:

From an early age it became apparent to me, that in order to build a nation we cannot govern ourselves merely on our sects, social standings or our political ideologies. We must be driven by a common factor. What unifies us all must be, the greater sense of belonging to our beloved Lebanon.

Throughout my life, I have encountered, what can only be termed as challenges, which for sure have played an integral role in determining and shaping my patriotism.  I continually stride to build upon the foundations of the nationalism that is deep rooted in my heart and in the hearts of all Lebanese. This has created a true sense of purpose, a purpose beyond that of the perceived frameworks of sectarianism. In order to develop true self-actualisation, I must realize my dreams of one nation with many peoples through all the efforts that I can offer my country.  My vision is not of sacrifice but of duty, a duty that must be instilled in every Lebanese, the duty to one’s homeland.
Fouad Makhzoumi

I would like to present to you the Makhzoumi Foundation, established in 1997 by Mr Fouad Makhzoumi, who had a vision larger than a dream. He surrounded himself with a dedicated team, whom hand in hand worked hard to make that dream become a reality.

We at the Foundation have set our hopes high on achieving our mission and are working relentlessly to reach our vision.

Our Mission is working towards:
Evolution of the Lebanese Civil Society
- Enhancement of the Potentials of Lebanese human resources
- Enforcement of Self-responsibility & independence
- Emphasizing the importance of Environmental Preservation
- Encouraging the quest of Education
- Encompassing good Health Care

We have structured our programs in the hope that this will lead us to reach our vision, which is to have:
More literacy and IT experience to be able to ride the globalisation tide
More men & women contributing to the economical growth of Lebanon
More entrepreneurs and new businesses created
More environmental awareness through a greener and cleaner Lebanon
More cultural & educational venues available to all
More preventive treatments and better medical care.

We have had this vision long before the United Nations Millennium Declaration signed in September 2000.Amongst the issues that the declaration tackles which are our concern here is the Development and Poverty Eradication, on national & international bases.

The UN has resolved amongst other resolutions:
- To promote gender equality and the empowerment of women as effective ways to combat poverty, hunger and disease and to stimulate development that is truly sustainable. (THIS IS WHAT WE DO AT THE FOUNDATION through training at Civic Centers, Micro credit, Awareness workshops, that have over 75 % female beneficiaries)
- To develop and implement strategies that give young people everywhere a real chance to find decent & productive work. (THIS IS WHAT WE DO AT THE FOUNDATION through our Civic Centers program through vocational training)
- To ensure that the benefits of new technologies, especially information & communication technologies is available to all (WE PROVIDE THAT THROUGH our Civic Centers’ computer literacy and advanced courses).
The UN also signed on protecting our own environment, which I am pleased to say that the Foundation is contributing to. (The FOUNDATION DOES THAT, through the Environmental and Agriculture program)

I will not keep you any longer, and will entrust you to find out what we are proud of doing.

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