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Center For Defending Freedom Of Journalists - Media Freedom Network
Activities and Programs

CDFJ works on the following thematic fields:
1) Protection of journalists:
    a - legal education and awareness on media related legislations and laws directed to media practitioners. 
    b - Build the  capacity of lawyers trough training to become specialized in defending freedom of journalists.
    c- establish a media legal aid center:
                -Defending journalists in courts
                -Providing free legal consultation
                -Documentation of court rulings pertaining media law suits.
2) Media  Development skills programs :CDFJ designs and implements capacity building training programs for media practitioners ranked in accordance to their priority.
3 )Empower Access  of media practitioners to information .
4) Contribute to the amendment and development of legislation related to freedom of media and expression.
5 )Democracy and human rights.
6) Publications and awareness booklets.

Experience of similar actions:
1- Activities 1999:
-Project : Electronic Freedom Network, grant made on December 1999.This is a $50,000 grant from the internet Regional Program at the Open Society Institute to create an electronic  network that provides data and alert based information on freedom of the press ,human rights and ethics issues  throughout the Arab world with the assistance of journalists and activist in  those countries . CDFJ  managed the project . The action resulted with the provision  of a substantial access to information on media and human rights situation benefiting a large number of NGOs and activists throughout the Arab world .contact : Jonathan Peizer , E-mail :jpeizer @sorsonya .org. 

2- Activities 2000:
- Project : legal Awareness for Journalists ,grant  made on march 2000.This is a  $ 30,000 grant from the  National   Endowment  for Democracy to support  a  training workshop for Jordanian journalists to enhance  and increase their capabilities in understanding the different  laws and legislation that affect their  work and their profession. The project  used sound regional expertise that took over the training activities. The project also include producing a book on “legal terms for journalists “ .The  action main accomplishments are creating a start up  hub for a continuous effort to educate journalists and media personal on understanding and observing rights and duties stipulated by the law and legislation in addition to enable them to identify problematic areas with the law itself. Contact : Laith Kubba,E-mail: Laith @ned.org.
- Conference: The current scene of independent Arab Media , supported by the Ebert foundation
- Workshop :the role of the media in Democratic society ;a training workshop for journalists supported by the united states Embassy in Amman. April 2000.

3-Activities 2001:
- Project :legal Assistance for journalists : grant made in 2001  to establish a media defense unit and provide training for lawyers and journalists. This is a $ 101,193 grant  from the open Society Institute, the Eurasia and Middle East program . the project was carried  out throughout 2002 as well. The tangible result was  the establishment of an active Media Aid Center that took over legal cases brought against a number of journalists and newspapers including a recent case against Al –Hilal  journalists
- project : Internet Club for journalists: grant made in 2001 to establish a media defense unit and provide training for lawyers and journalists.
-This is a $ 101,193 grant the Open Society institute , the Eurasia and Middle East program. The project was carried out throughout 2002 as well . The tangible result was the establishment of an active Media Aid Center that took  over a number of legal cases brought against a number of journalists and newspapers including a recent case against AL HILAL  journalists.
Conference : The future of independent media in the Arab world , a conference supported  by the Elbert foundation in mid 2001 . The  cost of the conference was $ 25,000.
- Project: regional training workshop  for the Arab journalists on legal Protection,  supported by the Netherlands embassy in Jordan. The grant  in support of the program was $50 ,000 was made in 2001

4- Activities 2002 :
- Project: continuity of Legal Aid Training for Jordanian  and lawyers , a grant was provided by the department  for foreign Affairs and international Trade through the Canadian Embassy in Amman . The $50,00 grant was made in 2002.
- Project: Training on covering  the election  and monitoring  the media coverage , the grant was made in 2002 by the Netherlands Embassy and was $62.645. the project continued through 2003  due to the delay of holding the general elections.
- Project : Producing Journalists and NGOS   database on a CD .A $20.000 grant from the United Nations Development  Program to produce accessible information that includes laws , treaties addresses and manuals for journalists  on a CD-ROM.
- Project: Media & society , a project that aims at establishing links between grassroots and the  media in an attempt to promote  understanding and gaining support by the society for causes such as freedom of the press  and better media role supporting  transition to democracy .The National Endowment for democracy in 2002
- Conference: the role of media in covering the Democratic  elections .Held in May 2002 and supported by Elbert foundation..
- Project: second round of training on covering the elections. A $18.000 grant was made by the NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC INSTITUE NDI  in support of the training . the training was held in 2002.
- The Media Forum : an initiative that aims at connecting journalists with policy and decision makers in Jordan in an effort to open up dialogue and debate channels on issues of public interest . The Forum events started off on monthly basis in 2006 with continuous support from the Telecom local company Fast link.

5- Activities 2003 :
- Project: National Endowment for Democracy  has again provided a $30.000 grant in support of  an extended round of “Media and The Society” project ; the extended project aims to continue providing human rights and media education for youth groups.
- Project: in addition , the National Democratic institute provided $21.000 to support  a project  that aims at promoting a fair and democratic campaign of the elections
- Training : the united states embassy  provided $14.000 to support an advanced training program  on election coverage and monitoring
- Workshop: the united States Agency for International  Development through the Human Rights Center  for assistance of Prisoners granted $ 63.000 supported a training workshop  a training  workshop  for Egyptian  journalists and lawyers on legal aid .
- Conference : Regional conference was held with the Elbert foundation and Ministry  of planning  on “TV Satellite  & Arab society “,with the grant of $60.000

6- Activities 2004 :
- project : Constituencies for free Press , Human Rights and Open Society in the Arab World  , freedom messengers, a  local project  aims to support culture democracy and human rights. Project activities are being divided into two level 1-Building capacitates of group 2- empowerment  of a group advocacy and grassroots activity. The  $129.976 grant was made by the Open Society Institute in 2004.
- Project :youth as Catalysts for free expression and Social Development ,Media & society ,a project aims to support the building of democracy and the establishment of foundation for respect for human rights . Project objectives are 1- transform skills and knowledge of the youth groups training process into functional mechanism 2- create a media platform for youth free expression 3- enable youth groups to participate in social development through allowing them to communicate their value added views and opinions .A $30.000 grant was made by National Endowment for Democracy NED in 2004.
- Project :Media Law Policy and Advocacy Review  a case study media  legislations The study includes five countries : Morocco ,Lebanon , Algeria Tunisia . A $79.200grant was made by Internews Network in 2004 .
- Project : The Role of the print Media in forging  Press Freedom. An exchange program is made between Jordanian and American Journalists  to provide intensive internship ,professional and cultural exchange and professional development workshops to enhance freedom of the press in Jordan and in the united states . A $251.600 grant was made by university of north Carolina at Chapel Hill received a fund from state department in 2004
- Project : “Media Forum” .A monthly meeting is between Journalists and a significant personality from policy makers to discuss a vital issue and that to facilitate access to information. This Forum is in its fourth year was funded for three years by center  for Defending Freedom of Journalists , but the fourth year was made by Fastlink . A grant  of $ 15.000 was made by Fastlink (A local  communication company) in 2004.
- Training : Election Coverage training for Iraqi Journalists . This  workshop should be hosting the training event for 20 Journalists. from the local press in Iraq .The work shop  should encourage of coverage of humanitarian  issues and subjects that related to the advancement of democracy and building of pluralistic society . A $51.913 grant was made by International Center for Journalists ICFJ  in 2004
- Training : Empowerment of a better  media role in the society through Parliament  and Judiciary Support .The project aims at building a Jordanian media   freedom and practice standard that coincides with International principles and practice . the direct aim of this project  is carry out research activities to serve  as a resources for analysis as well as further projection of problems and their possible solutions . A $50.413 grant was made by United States of America and The Canadian embassy in 2004.
- Training : Covering the Government and the Parliament . A training seminar aims at providing journalists from Iraq and Palestine and Jordan with news and Journalism skills as well as appropriate and effective approaches  in covering  news as well as reporting  on the the government and the parliament . A $ 55.572  grant was made by International Center for Journalists ICFJ in 2004.
- Training : empowerment of independent and Professional Broadcast Coverage of Iraqi Elections. The project aims to carry out an immediate training and consultancy activity that aims at assisting Iraqi Television broadcasters with the  production of a fairly  professional and interactive election program . A $142.637 grant was made by united States  Embassy in 2004.

7- Activities 2005 :
- Conference : The Arab Media and good Governances . A conference  that aims to debate the role of media and its effects to good  governance . One hundred  participants attended the conference  from representing various international and Arab countries , twelve of which in  the field of defending media .In  addition  to 400 participants from Jordan . A $77.371 grant was made by United States  of American Embassy , Jordanian Ministry of Planning .And UNDP, in addition to other contributions made by other local companies .
- Project : Empowerment of parliamentary Democratic Intervention through Independent Media Coverage . This project aims at Empowerment of a sustaining “connectivity linkages” between the Jordanian Parliament and the public in different constituencies of throughout the country  . The project  shall use media platforms to connect the legislative body with the public , specially for this  action by producing a high journalist quality bi-monthly newspaper that dedicates itself  solely to covering the Parliament , and its role in supporting democratic process . The European Commission (EC)will cover80 %of the project aims an amount of 127.646 EUR and 20 % is CDFJ contribution.
- Training :Capacity building and Legal Protection For Iraqi TV/Radio journalists in the field of legal protection, as well as establishing a network for legal consultation for them . The project is funded by UNESCO with a total of $45.045
- Project :Youth as a catalyst for free  expression and social development. This is an extension to the project  of 2003 ,funded by NED  with the amount of 31.260.
- Survey :middle East and north Africa :the development of a strategy for training and support of independent media . The project aims at providing an extensive database  encompassing information on journalists priority needs in the field of training  and legal protection . The study covered six Arab Countries :Jordan, Egypt , Bahrain , Morocco , and Lebanon . A unified Collecting methodology was adopted through questionnaire and semi structured interviews in the aforementioned sis countries . The data will be analyzed and results will disseminated in a regional meeting this coming September .free voice is funding this project with the amount of 66.800 EURO.


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