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Humaid Bin Rashid Al - Nuaimi Foundation For Human Development
History and Background

Humaid Bin Rashid Al-Nuaimi Foundation for Human Development , is non-profit development foundation , acquired its identity according to the Emiri Decree (No.3) 1421 - 2000 .
Fundamental Guidelines :
- Islamic and Arabic values concerning social solidarity.
- Articles and cluases sitpulated in the UAE constitution concerning the determination of state identity, religon , objectives and abligations in achieving equality and social justice , family protection of natural wealth and resources , and the focus on economic development .
- Artie ales and cluases sitpulated in the UAE constituton concerning the rights of the citizens to education medical care and social security , as well as their personal and puplic freedom .
- Desire to maintain the social fabric and preservation of the UAE family .
- Conviction in the importance of organized insituational work that combines efforts and guarantees continuity . while creating a partenership with citizens , individulas and institution in the process of development and the establishment of an instituation al state .
Towards a cohesive , cooperative , and progressive society and a progressed , supporitve , and efficient citizen .
The Foundation mission is targeting the advancement of human resources , fulfilling human development objectives , and implementing pioneering development ideas , thoughts and programs , through integrative comprehensive and sutainable development approach , in addition to coordinating with all concerned parties , targeting professionalism excellence .
- To serve and develop the community and provide ideal employment of existing human resources .
- To stimulate the roles of the various sectors of the community , especially woman and youth in a process of equitable economic and social development .
- To protect and maintain the family unit , particulary in the fields of child and mother care ,within the international frmework , and in conformance with society's values and principles .
- To prpect preserve the UAE's environment and natural resources , while developing a comprehensive social and economical services for the achievement of an equitable human resourc development .
- To ensure a lasting and effevtive coordination between organization working in the field of human development in a way that guarantees a higher organizational and adminstrative efficiency in the existing social organization .
Targeted Sectors:
- Woman and the family .
- Child and Youth .
- Environment .
- Human Development .
- Information , Studies and Research .
- Training and development .

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