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Humaid Bin Rashid Al - Nuaimi Foundation For Human Development
Activities and Programs

Woman and the Family committee :
- To consolidate the woman as a citizen and to encourage  her to contribute effectively in the process of societal development and to eliminate the statutory , social and cultural problems preventing the same .
- To improve the leadership and managerial skills pf the woman and to invest her innovative ability in upgrading the society .
- To consolidate the role of social organizations serving woman to emphasize her role in a manner ensuring her economic welfare and family stability and to have an efffctive contribution in the community .
- To conoslidate the role of the family as social entity in the society development process and youth rearing in conformity with the Arabian-Islamic values and ethics .
- To spread health knowledge in order to ensure family health and protect family members from diseases .
- Launch programs motivating the youth to marry and establish the coherent family .
- To contribute in establishing  a special research unit catering for family affairs .
Qualitative Projects and Programs for the Woman and the Family Committee :
- The project for - The research and Study Center concernning Family and Woman .
- The program for - The Education Role of Parents the Family .
- The program for - The Health Enlightenment for the Family .
- The project for - the Educational , Family and Managerial Developing , Training and Educating  Center
- The Program for - Leadership Training .
- The Program for - Motherhood and childhood .
- The Program for - Consolidating the Essence of the Family and protecting it from dissociation .
- The Program for - The Economic Development of the Family .
Child and Youth Committee:
The United Arab Emirate's society is regarded as one of the young societies wherease the youth forms the majority of the population , moreover about 59 % of the population is composed of childern being the highest rate within the Arab countries .... This makes the issue of giving intensive care to this portion and to launch suitable programs as a major national priority ....
Therefore the organization has entrusted major importance to this issue through establishing a special committee to care after the childhood and youth sectors also it is aiming to achieve many objectivies :-
- To introduce the chidhood treaties to attach more importance to child culture and spread the same among members of the community .
- To train childern and youth in voluntary services to serve the society and consolidate values of nativity and to stabilize the Arabian - Islamic identity
- To establish entertainment and sports facilities to develop the skills and youth innovations in order to protect them from delinquency .
- To coordinate with the youth caring organization and establish plans and programs aiming to invest youth energy and talents in various life aspects .
- To identify the problems facing the youth in order to propose feasible solutions .
- To establish a youth research center to follow up the legislation concerning them and to formulate qualitative programs aiming at their indigenous problems .
Qualitative Programs and Projects for the childhood and the youth committee :
- To establish play ground and cultural and entertainment centers in residental areas .
- To install a data base for information , reseraches and studies about issue concerning the youth and childern .
- To organize an annual students conference gathering the youth of UAE and GCC for acquaintance
- To organize competitions between student councils at the level of educational zones .
- Launching   training courses in the field of improving the skills and innovative abilities for the secondary students .
- Provide free scholarship for the distinguished students holding secondary certifacates to attend higher studies
Enviroment Committee:
Endeavoring to obtain and maintain a hygienic enviroment became one of the most importance issue facing all the governments and governmental authorities  all over the world , That is because a healthy environment leads to a healthy community and the enviroment is the lung through which human being breaths health and stability . Therefore environmental impacts is forming the back bone of any development programs . Beliving in such advanced the Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaiemi Organization for Human Development has formed a special committee to achieve  the following objectives :
- To spread environmental Knoweldge among the society to develop enviromental protection strategy for UAE .
- To advance the positive trends towards the enviroment and to coordinate with the concerned authorities . towards supporting and implementing enviroment reform and health enlightenment projects .
- To organize educational campaigns and programs and to activate members of the society to participate in field programs for enviroment protection and sustainability .
Qualitive Programs and Projects for the Enviroment Committee :
- To institute an strategy for establishing a natural preserved zone in Ajman .
- To conduct researches on enviroment and develoment .
- To encourage and establish recycling projects ( paper , glass , wood , plastic etc ) .
- To organise Periodical cleaning campaigns .
- To lanuch a competition on butifying house and school  gardens and
- To encourage planting medical herbs .
- To clean Ajman creek .
- To clean Al Saffa Peninsula .
Human Development Committee:
Investment in human is the most feasible investment because the expected return from such an investment will benefit all the members of the society and will enrich all activites performed by those members . Aiming to obtain this goal the so called " Human Development Committee " has been formed to achive the following objectives :
- To formulate a comprehensive straegic plan to satisfy the needs of various sectors of the society and to follow up the execution and rectification of the same .
- To coordinate with the regional and international authorities in the field of human development in order to observe the latest scientific , technological and informational advanement and transefer them to the sectors of the society .
- To qualify the U.A.E national in order to participate in ultizing the energins and technical and cultural capabilities to enrich the culture within members of the community and to develop their different skills .
- To solve the problems facing people of spcial needs .
Qualitative Programs and Projects for the Human Development Committee :
- To establish a comprehensive development strategy for Ajman .
- To establish Ajman Center for information , Researches and Studies " Ajman Development Center "
- To launch training courses and development Works Shop in order to promote the standerd of the human factors .

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