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Asdaa's Association for serving the Hearing Impaired
History and Background

Asdaa's is a national association which was established by self-efforts for the deaf and hearing-impaired persons and the teachers and experts interested in the deaf and hearing-impaired persons.
Asdaa's is aiming to develop the hearing impaired people in order to match the life challenges and to be real partners in the society and not just a margined group. The association was administratively prepared through the governor's decree promulgated under no. 1209 of 2001. The association is a member in the following foundations:
- Union of Care Agencies of Special Categories and Handicapped, Egypt.
- World Federation of the Deaf in Finland.
- Arab Union of the organization working in care deaf in Syria.
- Women Development Union, Alexandria.
Aims of Asdaa are represented in the following:
- Presenting the educational services and the deaf illiteracy eradication through teaching the illiteracy eradication curriculum using Sign Language.
- Establishing computer centers for the hearing impaired and teaching the different computer programs by using the Sign Language.
- Preparing the transformation training and qualification programs for the hearing impaired persons.
- Giving care to the personal interests and providing the legal protection for the hearing impaired.
- Providing the social services and sponsoring the deaf orphans and their families.
- Presenting employment, providing vacancies and creating jobs for the deaf and hearing impaired persons.
- Real Estate Services as presenting facilities and procedures of purchasing an accommodation units from the economic accommodations affiliated to the Governorate as well as assisting the people who have critical conditions for maintaining their houses.
- Giving marriage assistance, relieving the burdens from the young deaf persons who plan to marry through presenting the in-kind aids as cotton, upholstery, home bowels and refrigerators.
- Giving the deaf financial and in kind aids during Ramadan Month and feasts as commodities, breakfast, money alimonies (Zakat) as well as relieving the school burdens from the shoulders of the limited-income deaf families.

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