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Association Libanaise pour l'Education et la Formation
History and Background

Mission statement:
ALEF believes that the Human value as absolute. Thus the ultimate “raison d’être” of any societal structure is to reflect this belief in attitudes and behaviours, ALEF’s mission is to trigger and contribute to a cumulative process of changing values and attitudes incompatible with the Universal values of Human rights proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human rights.
Strategic goals
In harmony with the mission statement, ALEF’s team set up the following strategic goals for the long term:
•Become a reference institution in the field of Human rights and related topics, not only to identify and denounce violations, but also to play the role of a think tank at the service of decision and law makers in Lebanon; to become a proponent of national policies in HR related matters.
•To change the present popular perception that Human rights issues are idealistic and elitist. Through ALEF’ projects, the Human rights principles will be brought to become part of the popular scale of values, applicable in every day’s perceptions, attitudes and behaviours.   
•Share the experience acquired in Lebanon at the regional level, after consolidating the Lebanese structure.
Experience in Human rights education (1997-2006):
The diversity of ALEF experiences has contributed in developing a deep know how in the non-formal education on the local and regional level.
ALEF has been involved in training activities ever since it has been established in Lebanon in 1997. The education and training programme is one of the organization’s main pillars. In order to reach different groups of the population, ALEF has worked in the Formal or academic education by giving Human rights courses in 4 faculties, as well as in the non-formal education through two major projects “I’m a citizen” targeting detained young offenders and “3D” (Droits, Devoirs et Démocratie - Human rights clubs) targeting high school students. Moreover, ALEF has as well adapted Human rights trainings to various components of the society such as political parties, youth organizations, non-governmental organizations…
On the regional level, ALEF’s expertise started in 1999 when it was selected to participate in the the organization and execution of the “Peace cruise” regional training on peace and conflict resolution regrouping participants from both sides of the Mediterranean.
Since 2000 ALEF has established a solid relationship with the Council of Europe.  ALEF’s members have been involved in several trainings, as participants and/or trainers, mostly within the Euromed programme focusing mainly on Human Rights and Human Rights Education.
ALEF was also invited to become a member of the COMPASS (Human rights education manual) reference group formed by the Directorate of Youth in 2001. In 2002, ALEF was selected to translate into Arabic the manual and was asked to be part of the team of trainers of the two first Training for Trainers for Arabic speaking communities on Human Rights Education using COMPASS.
In 2006, ALEF was also selected to be member of the reference team in charge of COMPASSITO  a Human rights education manual adapted to children.
Furthermore, ALEF has signed a Memory of Understanding for 5 years with the UN OHCHR - Beirut office, to be part of the training team of the regional summer training course on Human Rights. Recently, ALEF’s trainers were contracted by UNHCR-Iraq to prepare and run trainings on Human Rights for lawyers working in Legal Aid centres in Iraq.
These various experiences enabled ALEF’s team to have a larger perspective on Human Rights issues in the region and adapt the most appropriate methods when approaching different backgrounds of participants.



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