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Association Libanaise pour l'Education et la Formation
Activities and Programs

Past & Present
“L’association Libanaise pour l’Education et la Formation (Lebanese Association for education and training) ALEF” is a youth lead; volunteer based non-governmental organization, which aims at the monitoring, protection and promotion of Human rights in Lebanon.
Since 1997 (Officially registered in 2004), ALEF volunteer team has monitored very closely the Human Rights situation in Lebanon. This team, consisting of 15-20 members, worked on 3 major programs to respond to the emerging needs:
1- “Researches and Publications” which consists of editing and publishing Human rights monitoring reports, studies, and other publications on various Human rights related issues. The following reports were published to date:
• Annual reports on monitoring Human rights practices in Lebanon (1997, 2001, and 2002)
• An alternative report submitted, in partnership with the Foundation for Human and Humanitarian rights to the Human rights commission during its session on Lebanon (New York, 1997)
• A report on the status of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, in partnership with the Foundation for Human and Humanitarian rights (1999)
• A report on the legislative elections held in the year 2000
• A report on the Human rights situation in the formerly occupied area in Southern Lebanon after the Israeli withdrawal (2001)
• A report on censorship (media, books, arts…)  in Lebanon (2002)
• A comparative study on the newly adopted decree governing youth organizations in Lebanon (2003)
2-  “Education and Training” 
• At University level, a Human rights course is being delivered in 4 faculties of 2 Universities (St Joseph University USJ and the Lebanese University)
• Human rights education at school level through a network of HR clubs (3D clubs) established in 7 schools
• Non formal education on Human rights by holding customized courses to interested groups (political, social, cultural, religious…etc.)
• A training program on citizenship for Juvenile offenders detained in the central prison of Roumieh
• A project thanks to which ALEF was charged by the Council of Europe to translate into the Arabic language “COMPASS” a training handbook on Human rights education published in 2002. The project was implemented in partnership with the Foundation for Human and Humanitarian rights.
3- “Assistance and Intervention” consisting of a legal counseling component and an individual  intervention component along with networking and advocacy at various levels such as media, INGO, UN protection mechanisms, diplomats, governmental stakeholders, parliamentary relevant commissions…etc.


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