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Arab Thought Forum - Multaqa
Activities and Programs
The main programs during the last three years includes
Democratic Process & Nation Building:

•Establish Commitment-Building Mechanism to Follow-Up the Code of Conduct.
•The Code of Conduct a Tool for Monitoring the Election.
•Developing Palestinian Election Code of Conduct.
•Encourage Active Participation in the Palestinian Legislative Elections.
•Impact of the Legislative Elections on the Palestinian Political Map.
•Civil Society Participation.
•Democratic Formation in Palestine.
•Youth Leadership.
•The Democracy Day.
•Citizen Rights.
•Developing a Model for Accountable and Transparent Local Government.
•Laying a Foundation for Investigative Reporting in the Palestinian Printed Press
•Local Elections Project.
1- Development Awareness:
•Computer Literacy for Blind University Students
2- The Peace Process:
•Historical Reconciliation Project 
3- Special Projects:
•District Electricity Company

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