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South Center for Human Rights
History and Background
South Center for Human Rights is an Egyptian based Organization of development research, advocacy and action. It was founded in 2002 and currently registered as an association  under the new association’s law with the number 2160 in 15 Augusts 2004.
Despite the statistics in recent UNDP Human Development Reports and in the World Bank’s annual reports, which record some improvement in a number indicators of human well-being, the scale of world poverty remains a scandal which shames us all. In many parts of the world, especially those on the Global South, inequality, insecurity, and conflict are growing at alarming rates.
The great majority of third world populations live in destitution, with many of them living under the poverty line, deprived of their most basic human rights. The interests of the Northern rich, with cooperation from their counterparts in the South, enforce economic policies that destroy the lives of millions. Such policies represent a dimension of the new colonial enslavement of the world’s poor that eliminates any space for the principles a human-rights-based development including participation, equity, transparency, accountability and non-discrimination.
Recently, however, a discernible interest has emerged in the global south which focuses on the problems and obstacles facing development that could satisfy the needs of the majority of people.
Apparently, the problem of finance stands as the major obstacle facing the achievement of sustainable development in the global south which reasserts the need for a comprehensive reassessment of financial aid granted by the Northern countries to support the developmental efforts in the South.
The development we aspire to achieve in the global south should be based on the fulfillment of human rights and the fundamental freedoms as an integral part of the process. It should fulfill the fundamental conditions for the achievement of the beneficiaries’ right to participation in the different stages of the process from policy to decision-making. Transparency is vital for the fulfillment of such conditions. Citizens should be aware of the whole process including the procedures and the interrelation between the various parties, which helps to identify both the negative and positive consequences of every plan and decision. An effective system of accountability should ensure that states and international organizations involved in the process bear the responsibility towards the protection of human rights. The lack of these principles in the process of development would contribute to the breakout of severe crises as it usually happens in Southern countries. That’s why we should do our best to confront the inappropriate policies that reproduce the conditions for the recurrent violation of human rights.
South Center has a vision of sustainable development in the poor countries of the Global South, supported by Global attainment and protection of human rights and by governance structures which permit local communities control over their own affairs and is based on the fulfillment of the principles of equality, participation, transparency, accountability and non discrimination.
South Center is a non-profit organization defending sustainable development that is based on the implementation of human rights principles, through monitoring, collaborative research, policy studies, advocacy, knowledge dissemination and grassroots capacity building, for life betterment of communities and people in the Global South focusing on Middle East and Africa.
- human rights for all as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
- sharing the world's natural and economic resources fairly
- participation and transparency in decision-making
- respecting social and cultural diversity
- the right of every individual to inform and be informed, with access for all the information sources.
South Center aims to be the gateway that most effectively informs a global audience about human rights and development problems in the Global south focusing on the Middle East and Africa, seeking for solutions that based on the participant of all the concerned parties globally.
- To defend the right to a development that guarantees the fulfillment of human rights, effectively to reduce the gap between the North and the South,
- To support the protection of human rights in conformity with the international standards of non-discrimination between citizens of the North and citizens of the South,
- To promote public awareness of both political and civil human rights and economic, social and cultural rights,
- To improve the legal structure in Egypt, which includes many provisions that contradict the international legacy of human rights, and
- To enhance the bonds of cooperation between local human rights organization and their counterparts on the regional and international levels for effective defense and protection of human rights in the global south.
- To ensure that participation by civil society is properly communicated and forms part of good governance.
Areas of concern:
- Development.
- Human Rights.
- Immigration.
- Refugees.
- Gender equality.
- Grassroots Capacity building.
- Tolerance and Peace.
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