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Arsal Rural Development Association (ARDA)
Activities and Programs

The focus of ARDA’s work:
ARDA works to achieve the following activities:
1. Professional training programs to develop expertise and facilitate working opportunities for men and women.
2. Training courses to empower women and to enable them professionally, socially and health wise.
3. Organizing additional and extra-curricular activities for students, children and the youth in general.
4. Organizing advisory lectures and workshops for farmers.
5. Organizing activities for the preservation of the environment and natural resources.
6. Organizing programs to develop and market artisanal products.
7. Supporting the manufacture and the marketing of agricultural products.
8. Enhancing advocacy work to secure basic public services.
9. Networking with other programs and official, local and international organizations to execute programs and activities.
Some of the past ARDA activities:
1. Trained 205 young men on the following professions: building, tiling and sanitary and electric works.
2.Trained 234 women on tailoring, carpet and rug weaving. In addition, established ongoing artisanal workshops where training is continuously available.
3.Developed artisanal and technical expertise for 45 men and women.
4.Trained 34 trainers for children’s activities.
5.Trained 44 scout trainers.
6.Organized 5 educational, extra-curricular children’s camps. 970 children participated.
7.Organized additional support programs which benefited 109 students.
8. Organized veterinarian programs which benefited 350 farmers. These targeted 17,450 heads of goats , sheeps and cows
9. Organized 5 workshops that dealt with problems in the agricultural sector.
10.Organized field trips along with advisory lectures. 310 farmers benefited from those.
11.Launched a project for manufacturing and marketing agricultural products to enhance income generation for households.
12.Adopted a reforestation program in the area. 38,000 trees were distributed and planted.
13. Established a nursery that produces yearly 10,000 local trees.
14.Organized cultural and leisure activities for children (theatre, cinema).
15. Organized eco-touristic trips.


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