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Iraqi Journalist's rights Defense Association
Organizational Structure

The administrative board of the Association for the IJRDK:
1- Administrative board and includes
2- The chair man
3- Assistant of chair man
4- Manager  of the studying committees
5- Manager of the media committee
6- Manager of public relation
7- Manager of legal committee
8-Manager of the follow committee
9 – Manager of observing the violation
10 Manager of branches
General members board  
They are all the members who are getting the agreement to joining in the association and they are actives in their work to protect the journalists or the press working or human right .
Sessions of Administrative board
1- they making meet weekly that to see all the cases
2- It will be done by decision of the chair man of the association.
It's duties:
1- Dealing with the claims of joining
2- appointment the employees
3- Format the  committees
4- getting the money and payment dealing
5- preparing the yearly  Budget and approval it
6- getting satisfy or vote of on confidence for chair man
7- Management the Association affairs
8- the chair man act the association in front of all the official sides
9- the Assistant of chair man can act as representative in the time of absence of the chair man .
10 – the Manager of the Branch can act as representative of his branch  at the association
11- The Administrative  board has right to change the items of the internal system.
The duties of the committees:
1- the committees of the administrative and financial it preparing the yearly budget and to making the register of members
2- legal Committee / it represent the association and consult
3- committees of the follow / and i0t's duties in the follow the decisions of the Administrative board 
4- committees of the studying and researching
5- committees of the public relations it's duties to dealing with relations with all the official sides
6- committees of the media it responsible about the coverage of the media
7- observing committees / it responsible of the observing   the journalists who are been subjected to violation 
8 –committees of the traveling and delegation
The member can be fire be decision issued by the
Administrative board.
1- if he does bad behave that injure the reputation
2- if he loss money .
3- if he absences more  than three time
4- if he make efforts and make the association do for the benefit to other sides
5- if he invest his membership to get benefit for himself
6- if his benefit comes against the target of the association
7- if he behave against the strategy of the  association
8- if he stopped his active against the ;violation
9- if the member of the association claim stoppcing his membership officially
10- to the administrative board has right to  close any branch in the governorate by decision
11- the duties of Manager of the branch
A- observe the violation
B- Act the chair man in front of the official sides
C- to do according to the internal system
D- to refer the active of the members
E- forbidden issued joining card to people who are not n the association
F- Making meeting as he sees that necessary 
G- Offer the projects for the granter sides
H- inform the association about the people who have desire to join with the association
1- The granting and giving
2- taxes and the money of the membership 
Registers of Association
1- Regi    of the .violation
2- Regi    of the data of the press
3- Regi    Financial
4- Regi   of the ]active of the memberships
5- Regi    of the meeting
6- Regi   of the Archives
7- Regi   of the projects
8- Regi   of the Visiting




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