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Iraqi Journalist's rights Defense Association
Activities and Programs
The fulfillment work which are done by the Association:
1- observe and follow few   of the violation which were done against the journalists
2- making conferences of media that to explain the violation and who can fighting them
3-  making campaign to support the reporter of ALDYAR spatial Channel  HASSAN ALSHMARY.
4- joined more than 60 journalists with workshops of trainin
5- participation few number of members of the association with workshops of training
6- participation few number of members of the association with workshops of training in BERUET with cooperation of the Arabic institute
7- Attended with most of  the conferences of the freedom of press
8- attended all he workshops of the freedom of the press
9- act Iraq I the meeting of the DUBLIN with id done by FROUT LINE Organization
10 participation  with observing the question on the constitution on 15 -11-2005
11- participation with observing the Iraqi election on 15 December  2005 by   team of journalists and reporters 45 journalists
12 making relationships with few organizations
13- attended with few workshops for the freedom of the journalism
14 the international and Arabic organization had appointed our association as the protector of the journalists
15 the association has plan to protect and to do the duties as well
The membership of the association:
1- it is member with Arabic union of protecting the journalists
2- member in the Arabic net for the information of human right
3- member in the international net for exchanging the data about freedom of express / Canada
4- member in the FROUT line  Organization ,Afresh
5- member in the Arabic committee for human right
6- Organized member for Arab journalists club .
The faster reaction program that corresponds for violation against the  freedom of journalists
Conclusion about the program;
Impact of increasing the violation  which faced the journalists and the people who are working in the press in Iraq that the most country who faced like these violation according to the statistic which was doe by the committee of protect the journalists in NEW YORK, also it dependent on the IJRDA that works in side Iraq, In order to make help for those who are working in Press such as Journalists or Reporters.
Also the people who make these violation try to do their crime in dark far away from the justice and light so we emphasis on the collect the branch in the governorates and the location of the association in Baghdad.
1- find hot line between the branches and the location of association.
2- communicate all the information in several organizations and the location.
3- supplement the legal council and let them to do as well and supply the branches.
4- fighting the limitation  on the journalist or on the books or newspapers.
5-Documentary  all the violation.
6- to do hard the increasing the freedom of the journalists.
7- find the relationship between the members.
8- the program will do best to inform the journalists and reporters the law of journalism.
9- the program will establish culture of the human right.
10 the program will participate to save the grantee which is needed to work of the /press. 
11- the program will be  partner  with all the governmental foundations which are related with this mater
12 the program will engaged the supremacy of law that it is the tent which is needed to citizenship.
13 the program will inform the journalists and the members about the  dangerous places and how can save them in theses places.
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