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SORCE Network
History and Background
In 1993, the idea for SORCE (Students ORganizing Conventions Everywhere) was born. The aim was to create a base for co-operation, to help each other organizing, to learn from each other. SORCE is a loose network - it doesn’t have a leader or a board - SORCE is where one of it’s members is. Maybe some day this will change and a real organisation will be founded. But so far, the few attempts to start this “real” organisation could not be carried out (partly because the staff of the different associations changes all the time).
The festivals and conferences are completely independent from each other and therefore there are some differences between them, but the basic idea is the same: to meet students from all over the world, to discuss about the one world we are all living in, to get to know different opinions about it, and, last but not least, to have fun and cultural experiences.
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