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Cairo Demographic Center
Mechanism of Operation


 In 2003, the Presidential Decree No. 144/2003 was issued to complete the previous Decree No. 147/1992 regarding CDC.

 This Decree stated in its third article that CDC would be jointly managed by a Board of Directors, the Board Chairman, and CDC Director.

- CDC Director

 CDC Director is appointed by a Decree from the Prime Minister upon a recommendation from the Minister of Planning. He assumes the execution/implementation of the general policy to achieve CDC objectives. Specifically, he has to :

1) carry out the Board's decisions.
2) supervise and direct work procedures in different departments of the Center.
3) manage administrative work and give necessary orders.
4) appoint delegates for research and training.
5) form technical committees and research and training teams.
6) supervise and follow up the preparation of the draft budget and the final statement of account.
7) draw up an annual report about the Center's activities and accomplishments, and submit it to the Board of Directors.
8) appoint the required staff.


- CDC Financial Year

 It starts with the beginning of the State's fiscal year and ends at the same time of its end. CDC has its private budget, draft of which is prepared at least three months before the beginning of the financial year. It is presented to the Board of directors for approval in order to be submitted to the concerned parties.

- CDC Revenues

They comprise :
1) Funds assigned by the Government for CDC in the State's general budget.
2) Earnings of its activities, training courses, conducting research studies, consultancy services, carrying out surveys, and research projects performed for others.
3) Donations, grants, gifts, endowments, and other resources accepted by the Board of Directors in light of the governing rules and principles.

- CDC Accounts

 CDC has its own account in a national bank where its revenues mentioned in items 2 and 3 above are deposited. Drawing from this account follows the rules and procedures issued by the Board of Directors upon CDC Director's recommendation and approval of the Ministry of Finance.

- Financial Regulations, Tenders, Biddings, and Stores

 Rules adopted by the Government concerning the financial affairs, tenders, biddings, and stores apply to CDC, except for what is specifically stipulated in the Center's own system and bylaws.

- CDC Personnel

 Clauses and terms of Law No. 79/1962 and Law No. 49/1972 apply to CDC faculty members and researchers. Stipulations of the State's Civil Law apply to the administrative personnel.

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