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Al-noor Institute
Activities and Programs
Categories Served by the Centre:
The following programs are carried out by the institute:
1. Early Intervention Program :
This an educational and training program aiming at enlightening mothers of the blind children under the age of 4 about how to deal with their kids.
2. Kindergarten Program :
The program is designed for children with vision disability in the age group 3 to 6. The program offers appropriate educational, psychological, social and physical services by offering the children the necessary writing and reading skills and training them to use all of their senses in addition to the other practical skills and knowledge.
3. Special Classes Programs :
This program intends to help students suffering from multiple disabilities in addition to vision disorder such as hearing, mental and physical disorder. The children remain in such program till they are able to join the primary schools or adult educational programs.
4. Primary Schools Program :
This program serves the students, in the age group 6 and above, and with vision disability, and who have sufficient education enabling them to join the primary schools. This program applies the approaches and books of the Ministry of Education after certain adaptations, in addition to learning the Braille Language which is the main reading and writing language which is the main reading and writing language for the blinds.
5. Illiteracy Eradication Program :
The services of this program are rendered to adult people who missed the opportunity of education in childhood. This program applies the approaches and books of the Ministry of Education after certain adaptations, in addition to educate students how to use Braille Language for reading and writing.
6. Integration Program :
This is an educational program planed for students with vision disability at different educational levels starting from primary schools up to the university. The program seeks to follow up all such students and solve their problems in a manner that helps them adapt to their normal colleagues and integrate them in the community.
7. Family Support Program :
This program targets adult people with vision disability and suffering from other disorders. The program is carried out through practical training and home visits, and by inviting the parents to visit the institute and cooperate in suggesting the most appropriate means to implement the program. There are also many tracks and events which complement the above programs and help the institute in achieving its objectives. Such tracks include:
- The health track
- The social track
- The psychological track
- The communiqué track
- Physical and functional track
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