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Parliamentary Think Tank
Activities and Programs

Studies Unit:
Surveys and analytical reviews of comparative parliamentary workings, e.g.:
1- Structure of parliaments (composition, membership, mandate, representation, institutional capacity, committee system, assessment of legislative and oversight functions)
2- Legislative initiatives, quality of legislations, bill drafting.
3- Oversight and accountability methods
4- Legislative information systems (LIS) and media in parliaments (library, research services, member’s constituency relationships)

Arabization and Information Unit:
Translating Parliamentary Publications (theory and practice)
1- English/Arabic parliamentary materials (e.g. lexicon)
2- News files on parliament (e.g. weekly English/Arabic newsletter on “What is Up in Egyptian Parliament?”
3- Provide access to knowledge and information on parliamentary development through our website (www.barlaman.org)

Training Unit:
Workshops and informative meetings between MPs and experts who provide background and policy oriented papers on contentious issues and bill proposals that are on parliament’s agenda.
1- Training moduels for staff on parliamentary research and technical assistance skills (report writing, legal drafting, budget analysis, time management, agenda setting..)
2- Civic education activities (model parliament, youth parliament, campaigning

Consultation and Technical Support Unit:
Legal Consultancy projects
Technical Support for MPs

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