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Qatar center for Children culture
Activities and Programs
The Center has accomplished many achievements most important of which are :
1- The International exhibition for children Drawings:
The Center organized an exhibition in 1999 under the title "Qatar International Exhibition Children Drawings" in which the majority of the Arab countries participated.
2- Book Club:
The project is devoted to develop the habit of reading among children. The club accommodates children from age 3 to 12 and are divided, according to their psychological and educational characteristics into three categories as follows:
       * Pre-school age ( 3 – 5 years).
       * Post-school age – middle childhood – (6 – 9 years) .
       * Advanced childhood (10 – 12 years) .
 The club has about one thousand seven hundred members; books supplied to them are carefully selected according to the educational objectives taking into account the shape and content of each publication. The project has been widely accepted by the people due to its positive impact on promoting the habit of reading among children. Since its establishment the club managed to distribute more than 40.000 books to the children.
3- Seminars and lectures:
The Center is devoted to promulgate educational and cultural awareness among parents and teachers. In pursuing this objective many seminars and lectures addressing various topics have been organized . The center also organizes training courses for children and teenagers, in co-operation with the concerned parties, to provide those participants  with some livelihood activities that enable them face life with efficiency  and confidence. Another activity held by the Center is the so called, "A story hour" for children, according to which interesting and exciting stories are told to the children using the computer, with the aim of attaching the child to the habit of reading .Moreover. The center has some contributions in the field of charity work. In this respect, the Center organizes a charity bazaar in favour of Kosova children " from the children of Qatar to the children of kosova".
4- Summer club programs: 
The Center used to organize several programs in the summer seasons to enable different age groups use their leisure time in amore fruitful     way. Such programs vary from one aspect to the other in order to serve different objectives.
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