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Iqrit Heritage Society
History and Background

Background:  The Society was established in 1997 by a number of Iqriti young people, after one and a half years of continual preparations. Its goals and constitution were set in a way that meets the requirements of the case of Iqrit in the current circumstances during the time of establishing the society. Such requirements aim at preserving Iqrit''s heritage, before it gets lost with the passing away of the fathers, and aiming at having well-established representative of the people, that works in a clear and professionally committed way, whether on the level of the people of Iqrit or the authorities. Most activities in the past were performed by force of authorization, offered in part by most families, to their representatives in the "Committee of Iqrit", and under the supreme goal of: the demand of return to Iqrit. 
The fifty years of being outside Iqrit, and the living of the evacuees scattered in several towns, had been a stepping stone to the idea of preserving the heritage of Iqrit, the aims of idea are:
First: Avoiding the probable boycott between the generations as a result of the disappearance of continuous and immediate contact that exists in the communities still living in their own villages.
Second: Relying on that heritage after rebuilding the new Iqrit- sooner or later- a modern village that derives from its rich and multi-sided heritage.
1- Working for the return of the people of Iqrit and resettling them on the land of their village.
2- Working for the preservation of the heritage of Iqrit and its people in the past for the sake of the present and future generations.
3- Working professionally on any case that is related to the previous goals. 

After 50 years of evacuation, the Society sees that throughout this passage of time, the growth of three generations, and the present status of assets within the site of Iqrit and its surroundings, the concept of "RETURN" has become a mere slogan removed from reality. During the first years of evacuation it was possible to restore the Iqriti mosaic without effort, since the point of time of evacuation was still near, the texture of the people of Iqrit was still untorn, and until 1951 the houses of the village were still built up, and the return of the people was... simply possible. However, today there is need for its re-establishment for the coming generations and this responsibility lies upon the present generation.

Repatriation to Iqrit
Re-establishment of the village is achieved by a professional planning that takes in consideration:
* The demographic data of the evacuees and their descendants.
* The available and potentially available legal possibilities.
* The need for a dignified livelihood that is based on a stable socioeconomic basis that improves the chances of staying upon the land of Iqrit.

The above is extremely important since we know that many of us have already settled somewhere in the country, which reduces the probability of their return promptly.
Thus, you notice that all of the above has found expression under the related item.

This society is a mean, focuses on a circular movement: setting out from a reality- evacuation, towards an idea- preserving the heritage, which will become a framework- a society, seeking a new reality- re-establishing Iqrit. 
Depending on our knowledge of the Iqriti cadre, we don''t see any obstacle in the way towards the achievement of these aspirations and we are determined to continue our way towards the awakening from the dream of return to the reality of rebuilding the village!.

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