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Qatar Foundation for the Child and Woman Protection
History and Background

The Qatar Foundation for Child and Woman Protection was established 2003 as per the provisions of the Law of Private Institutions and Association No. (8) of 1998. It is a humanitarian and social organization which handles issues related to the child and woman protection rights under the rules and regulations applicable in the state.

The institute seeks to achieve the following objectives:
1- Protecting the women and children from the deviating practices at home and in the society and working to solve the problems resulting from such practices.
2- Guarantee of the legal protection rights of the child and woman, improving their status and protecting them in their society and at  home.
3- Protecting and defending the humanitarian and constitutional rights of women.
4- Fighting all form of discrimination against women regarding their livelihood rights and responsibilities ( economic, social, political and administrative ).
5- Securing the implementation of the general humanitarian and legal terms to protect the child and woman in their society and at home.
6- Guarantee of the application of the international, Arab and regional agreements related to the rights of the child and follow up of those agreements.
7- Creating social awareness to care for the needs of the child and woman, and their rights in the society and looking after them.
8- Securing the legal umbrella to prevent and stop any deviant or perverted behaviors towards the woman and child in coordination with the concerned departments.

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