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Al-Balaqh cultural society " Islam online"
Activities and Programs

The society combines between Islam as a sharia doctrine, and as a way of life i.e. moderate Islam is suitable for all times and localities, and is capable to deal with the changes and traditions of the contemporary world. In two years of online broadcasting, the Society has introduced different and variable activities in both English and Arabic languages. Those are:

This chapter provide doctrine Fatwas on issues of dispute through three different methods; Ask the scholar, Al-Fatwa Ban; and Live Fatwas.

2- Youth problems and solutions :
This is a page dedicated to interact with youth, who are the majority of the internet fans, to respond to their queries regarding the different problems they face in their actual life. The main aim of this page is to contribute towards resolving the youth''''''''s problems from an Islamic and humanitarian point of view, and to correct the mistaken concepts and behavioral patterns.

3- live chat:
The online chat is one of the most attractive services of the site . it aims to formulate a general trend and attitude among the visitors towards some important Islamic issues, then formulate a public opinion or a lobby devoted to serve the interests of Islam and Muslims.

4- Islam and the contemporary issues:
This page presents an original and fundamental vision for some of the major topics and agendas of international concern such as human rights, civil society and globalization. It also puts forward views which are based on the Islamic culture as regards different contemporary topics.

5- who''''s who:
This page is devoted to shed light on famous figures whose objectives and achievements remarkably affect the Arab and Islamic worlds in addition to other international figures with distinguished roles at the global level.

6- Economics & Business:
This part deals with the major economic developments at the international level and in the Islamic world including the major economic agreements, economic blocks, declines and crises with the aim of enlightening the public through tracing and analyzing the economic events. It also contributes towards producing an Islamic outlook in the economic conditions of the world in which we live.

7- Science & Technology:
This page traces the main developments in the field of science, innovations and technological applications at the international level, from an Islamic viewpoint. It also manifests the contemporary scientific achievements of the Muslims scientists.

8- concepts:
This page is meant to define the concepts used in various aspects of life, and to criticize and reformulate new concepts and visions derived from the Arabic heritage to match the rapid changes and transformations of the contemporary world.

9- Sharia Subjects:
The site''''''''s policy in this respect is to integrate with the other Islamic sites on the internet. Islam online is operating in a circle composed of various corporations and institutions devoted to serve Islam through the modern technological means. Such institutions allocated considerable financial and human resources to introduce the sharia subjects derived from the Holy Quran and Hadeeth. The site takes advantage of such efforts so as to avoid unnecessary repetition and duplication.

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