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Qatar Charity Society
History and Background
Qatar Charity Society was founded in 1980 through a gesture from some beneficient people . It is a non governmental (NGO) with a legal entity . This society is governed by Law No. (2) of 1974 amended by the Decree Law No. (17) of 1989 regarding private societies and institution . 
 The society scope of work covers all parts of the country and it may establish branches inside or outside the state of Qatar according to the basic law . It also has a consultative capacity with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Aims and Objectives:

The Society aims to achieve the following objectives :
• Supporting orphans , from childhood up to the age of eighteen , particularly those who lost their parents during disasters and catastrophes . This support includes material and social rehabilitation within the limits of this support . It also includes establishing of schools , mosques and Quran teaching centers where necessary .
• Provision of health care and assistance to the families of orphans and widows who lost their supporters and relatives , particularly those suffering from drought , famine , natural disaster and wars ; in addition to supporting the needy families and Non- Muslims .
• Maintaining the development of human resources and productivity among people suffering from disaster , war and famine in the Islamic and Non- Islamic countries , and developing of the civil society institutions so as to make them self reliant .
• Developing the poor societies in the Islamic countries and beyond , through a comprehensive Islamic project based on education of religious issues , Arabic language, learning the holy Quran in special centers , and through sponsoring the scholars and teachers of the Quran and utilizing the scientific knowledge in enhancing and developing the social realities; and
•  Co-operating and co-ordinations with other charity and voluntary institutions and associations , and international and regional organizations including those of the United Nations with the purpose of achieving the mutual objectives , exchanging expertise , and acquisition of new skills and training the staff on aid and relief activities.

The society’s branches inside Qatar:
• Al-kor Branch
• Al-Wakrah Branch
• Al-Ryan Branch
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