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Qatar Charity Society
Activities and Programs

Activities &Achievements:

1- Sponsorship of (orphans, Needy families Disables Islamic scholars and students )
• sponsorship of more than twenty thousand orphans, in more than forty countries throughout the world
• sponsorship of more than five hundred needy families in Palestine and Bosnia .
• sponsorship of hundreds of disabled people in the Arab world , particularly in Palestine .
• sponsorship of hundreds of Islamic scholars and students, Quran Teaching centers and Islamic schools in many parts of The world.

2- To Aid and assistances:
• A permanent monthly financial aid to needy families
• Food and material aid for needy families particularly in the Holy month of Ramadan .
• Health services , marriage support and emergency aid on study of each case .

3- Projects:    
• Thousands of projects, funded by the charity people , have been carried out by the society. They include : construction of mosques, digging of water wells (surface& underground ), establishment of schools institutions , hospitals and health clinics . This is in addition to other seasonal, educational and relief projects .
• The average value of the projects executed by the society each tear is about twelve million Qatari Riyals , benefiting more than forty countries in the world . In addition , the society has implemented development projects to support the needy segments and enabled them to depend on themselves.

4- Seasonal Projects: 
• the society executes Iftar Al-Sayem and Al-Adhi projects on annual basis inside Qatar and in more than forty countries outside the state and outside the country amounts to about six million Qatari Riyals.

5- Education and Missionary work: This covers the following activities :  
• sponsorship of hundreds of Islamic preachers , and students in more than thirty countries of the world .
• Several schools and Quran teaching centers in many parts of the world .
• Scholarship grants from the Ministry of Education and the university of Qatar to Muslim students in many poor countries  .
• Publishing of books with topics relevant to the missionary activities .
• Translation of the meanings of the Holy Quran and Islam books to different languages ( Urdu, Russian, Albanian…etc)
• Production of a three dimensional cartoon films to educate children the prayers and its provision ( ablution) .
• Supporting the activities of many Islamic centers around the world in the field of charity , voluntary, relief and Humanitarian work .
• Organizing educational courses in Arabic language and Islamic disciplines for students , scholars and teachers, as necessary, within the society’s scope of work.

6- Relief :
• the society provides urgent relief to the areas affected by natural disasters and wars , which include foodstuff, camps , clothes , covers and other necessary requirements.

7- International Relations:
• the society has a consultative status with the UN economic & Social Council (ECOSOC), and undertakes active contributions with the UN organizations such as the UNICEF, the World Food program(WFP) and the higher commissioner for Refugees through its regional office in Riyadh and has a liaison center in the region .
• The society is a founding member of the International Islamic Council for Missionary and relief, in addition to strong relations with majority of the Arab and Islamic charity establishments.
• The society has a co-operation protocol with the Islamic Organization for Education , Science & culture.
• The society co-operates and participates in the projects carried out by the Arab Gulf program to support the UN Development Organizations (AGFUND).
• The society has co-operation agreements with charity institutions inside and outside the Arab world to execute charity and humanitarian projects.

External offices: 
In order to activate the ever growing activities of the society, new offices were established in many countries including two offices in Palestine , one in Gaza and the other the west bank , and one office in each of the following countries : Sudan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo .
Those offices were linked to the headquarters in Doha through the Internet, a media widely used by the society. Through its web site on the Internet, the society introduces its activities and responds to inquiries it receives from all over the world . Though the same channel it also receives donations and grants.

International branches:
Women section:  
The society leads the way in the field of charity works for women. In this respect a women branch was established in 1993 in order to direct the women sector towards the humanitarian and charity activities . In particular, the women branch supervises certain centers for different activities and events . They are :
     *Al-Ryan center for teaching the Holy Quran and its provisions .
     * Abu Hamoor center for teaching the Holy Quran .
     * Al-Noor center in Al-Khor for teaching the Holy Quran and its provisions.

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