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Qatar Diabetes Association
Activities and Programs

Association Programs and Activities:
The association aims to cover all segments of the society (men, women, children and youth) through its programs and activities. In achieving its objectives and executing its programs, the association mainly depends on:

1-Women Division :
The main objective of this branch is to support and rehabilitate the mother and her child in order to enable them adapt to the illness. The women division consists of the following committees :
A- Public relations and support
B- Information
C- Health and education
D- Social care unit

2- The women division achieves its goals through the following activities:
Al-Bawasel Club : which incorporate infected children (6-13 years old) in order to educate them how to be self-reliant and set up a daily program for themselves to deal with, and control, the illness.
- Education center : which complement''s the doctor''s role by providing health and educational services given to patients like self-care, regulation nutrition, protecting feet, insulin injection and checking the degree of sugar in blood.

3- Volunteers Center:
The center offers training courses with the purpose of preparing and rehabilitating national cadres to make them qualified to promulgate health awareness among the patients. The center is composed of the following units :
- Health training and education
- Services and logistics 
- Public relations and information

Activities at the External Level :
The association obtained international recognition, and became an active member of the International Federation of Diabetes. Since its establishment, the Association accomplished many of its programs and activities as stipulated in Article No. (3) of its basic law. Those are :
1. Various health education programs
2. Training courses for volunteers in the different age groups and educational levels
3. Lectures, seminars and workshops during health, social economic and sports events.
4. Medical services and consultations for the patients and their families through telephone calls, personal interviews and foot care programs.
5. Participation in the international events particularly in the Arab Diabetes Association (for youth) and a camp in Boston USA (for children with diabetes).
6. Organization of the educational and cultural camps for kids inside and outside the country.

Future Prospective and Research Studies: includes:
1. Research study on the relation between diabetes and pregnancy, and hereditary genes as a possible cause for the illness. The study will be carried out jointly by the Center and The Ministry of Public Health.
2. A research study on the health condition of diabetic patients in the State of Qatar, through a case study of more than 500 patients in different health centers and Hamad Medical Corporation. The study was started in the year 1998 in co-operation between the Center and Brunel University in UK.
3. Proposed research about the increased obesity phenomenon diseases among females in the State of Qatar (age group 15-49 years ) and the necessary interference of treatment and prevention.

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