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Al-shafalah Center for Children with Special Needs
Activities and Programs

Categories Served by the Centre:

The Centre provides educational and rehabilitation services to children of both genders from birth to the age of 18, regarding all kinds of disabilities including:

1 All levels of mental disability.
2 Movement disability.
3 Autoism.
4 Learning difficulties.

The Center''s Programs and Activities:

1-Family Support and Guidance Program and Community Awareness: 
The center offers cultural, social, psychological and educational 
services to the parents of children with special needs in addition to group and 
individual guidance services to such families.

2-Early Intervention Program:
The unit is composed of five kindergarten classes offering all educational,      social services  according to individual educational plans to suit the capabilities of each child.

3-School Educational Program:
This unit center offers three educational programs for children with simple, average and severe mental disability where a committee composed of the concerned instructors evaluates the condition of each child.

4-Supporting Rehabilitation Services:
 This unit center is the most important services and mainly designed to enable the  children get all advantages of the special educational programs.

5-Development, Studies and Information Services:
The center seeks to develop the applied educational methods and approaches, issues newsletters and brochures and organizes seminars and training courses for its staff.

6-Occupational Preparation and Vocational Program:
The main aim of this program is to provide students with the necessary skills required for vocational training in an occupation that fits their capabilities and trends.


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