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Egyptian Association For Science And Technology Experts
Activities and Programs
In general , EASTS is concerned in application of scientific researches that could upgrade small and medium production units to enable them to cope with the recent global modes of production, or to avail proper solutions to the poor society''s problems wither they are environmental, medical, educational …. etc . The volume and severity of environmental problems led EASTS to focus on this issue for it''s importance, and having one of the most famous experts on top of EASTS’s environment affairs committee that is Dr: Mustafa K.Tolba the former director of UNIP. In this concept EATST  programs to deal with this issue is as follow :-
•Development and producing an iron kiln to produce charcoal from many agro-residuals.
•Producing charcoal from rice straw to be used ( as a powder ) in many of chemicals industries, or pressing and shaping it in pellets to be used for heating .
•Contribute to find alternative resources of energy
•Running a pilot study to produce Ethanol alcohol from agro-residuals to conserve feeding crops wheat, corn and sugarcane that used now to produce Ethanol
•Growing Jatropha Crop on sewage recycled water to produce bio-diesel
•Organizing and intensification of Palm trees and Olive crop in northern cost of Sini, and establishment of the relative industries.
•Availing  compact systems for sewage treatment using micro-organisms in remote sights
•Rehabilitation of a solar and wind energy station belonging to the Agricultural Research Center in upper Egypt
•Invention of a self education tool suits both of small ages and adults. This tool could  easily be used after  getting a simple training program.
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