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Alam Welfare Trust (AWT)
Mechanism of Operation
Alam Welfare Trust has her aims and objectives to serve in the following fields(,) CHILD WELFARE,
• To Work for the provision of primary education to every child especially in rural areas and remote areas of the country,
• To generate community based Health Centers and Mobile Health Camps for child health,
• Use all the means including print and electronic media to create mass awareness, YOUTH WELFARE,
• Provision of counseling for Formal Education and easy going at educational stature at starting level especially for the girls and those coming from remote areas and rural community,
• To provide Non-formal Education (Technical Education, Skills Development especially for women) to keep the youth away from antisocial activities and producing skillful youth for a prosperous tomorrow in the hands of technical professionals,
• Use all the means including print and electronic media to create mass awareness, WOMEN’S WELFARE,
• To develop and promote community based health centers and mobile health camps for women especially in remote areas,
• To assist and organize Lady Health Visitor Training Program,
• Use all the means including print and electronic media to create mass awareness, WELFARE AND REHABILITATION OF DRUG ADDICTS & HIV/AIDS VICTIMS,
• Strengthen the provision of rehabilitation health services to drug addicts and HIV/AIDS victims,
• Integrate life skills education in schools raising awareness among students for health precautions,
• Advocating for rights based approach, care and support to Drug Addicts, HIV/AIDS victims,
• Use all the means including print and electronic media to create mass awareness, WELFARE OF THE AGED AND SENIOR CITIZENS,
• To know the existed situation of the older community,
• To help them in maintaining their income or health secure by their own efforts,
• To provide an opportunity of center in which they will utilize their whole day,
• To give an overall picture of the status and situation of older community of target areas, • Use all the means including print and electronic media to create mass awareness, MISCELLANEOUS,
• To purchase, take on lease, or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquired any real or personal belongings, assets or technology and enter into contract and engagement which is deemed necessary or convenient for any of the purposes and objects of the Trust,
• To accept any gift, donations, grants, instruments, equipments, building machinery or property for any one or more of the objectives of the Trust,
•To arrange financial assistance for the objectives of the Trust by getting various types of loans, contributions from any suitable person, private or government financial institutions against various assets, securities of the members, donors and the Agency/NGO’s etc,
• Coordination with welfare oriented National and International development organization and Social Welfare Agencies for the promotion of the objective of the Trust,
• To receive any property, real, personal or mixed in Trust under the terms of any WILL, DEED or Trust instruments for the foregoing objects or any of them, but for no other purpose and in administering the same to carry out the directions and exercise the power contained in the trust instruments under which the property is received including the expenditure of the principle as well as the income for one or more objectives as may be authorized for directed in the instrument under which it is received or generally to undertake, do in perform all such acts, matters or things as may be desirable or all necessary in the opinion of the Board Of Trustees and Management Committee for the accomplishment of the forgoing purpose or any of them and in particular but without prejudice of the foregoing provisions to enter into contracts to undertake financial and commercial obligators, to borrow or to raise or secure the payments of money to sale, exchange, let or lease the property or accounts of Trust to purchase, take the lease or tendency in exchange, hire, take options or otherwise acquire any estate, interest or property and to hold, deal with or turn to account any property, assets or rights real or personal or any kind and at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, Management Committee to apply the assets of the Trust uplift, in or towards the establishment of any association and institution, the objects or purposes of which may be in accordance with the objects of the Trust, 
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