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Association of Business Professional & Agricultural Women
Activities and Programs

Major Events:

Year 1989
o        Workshop on "Self-Employment of Women" conducted by Ela Bhatt General Secretary SEWA India (May'' 89).

Year 1990
o        Seminar on "Consumer Resistance" In   collaboration   with   Utility   stores Corporation (Feb''90).

Year 1991
o        Lecture on setting-up of Micro enterprise by Shahnaz Kapadia Rahat, Executive Director, ECI (Jan''91).
o        - Lecture on "How to Export Products" in collaboration with Export Promotion         Bureau. (Sept 91).
o        Lecture on "Self-Employment" by Masooda JaliI, PTV (Aug''91).
o        Lecture on "Drug Absue" by Ms. Samina Ayaz (Oct''91).
o        Workshop on Marketing Skills for Low Income Women in collaboration with UNICEF (Nov''91).

Year 1992
o       “Legal rights of Pakistani Women” Lecture by Ms. Naheeda Mehboob Elahi (Jan92)
o        Lecture on "Family Health & Child Care” by Dr. Taskeen Humayun (Mar''92).
o        Workshop on “Women in Small Business” followed by Launching of Small Credit Scheme. (July''92)
o        “Flood Relief visit to Langerpur Bela (Oct''92).
o        Village Mela in collaboration with ECI (Dec''92).

 Year 1993
o        Participation in Training of Trainers in collaboration with ECI (Jan''93).
o        "Review of Small Credit Scheme (Oct 1994).
o         " Seminar on Women & Un-Employment to  observe the International Women''s day  (March''94)
o        " Series of awareness raising Seminars on "Iodized Salt" from May to July in collaboration with National Foods Ltd Funded by UNICEF (May-July''94].

 Year 1995
o         Review of Small Credit Scheme to exchange experiences with NGO''s Banks, and D Agencies (May''95).
o        “An overall review of the activities of ABP&AW (Nov''95).


o        A Functional literacy programme initiated at Ghareebabod, Rawalpindi. (Mar 96).
o        Besides the above, keeping in view the interest   of   the   members  regular informative and competitive programmes are held.

 Year 1997
o        Awareness raising programmes on "Dowry A   Curse".   Final   programme Chief Guest lltahi Bux Soomro - Speaker, National Assembly. (July''97)
o        Series of five training workshops on " Entrepreneurship Development" held at different venues, funded by AUS AID Islamabad (June 96 - Dec''97).

 Year 2000
o        7th Anniversary of Small Credit Scheme Chief Guest Mr. Shahid Hamid, Governor Punjab.

 Year 2001- 2002
o        Involved   in   the   Beijing   Plus   10 process Provincial Councils formed in all four Provinces.
o        Communication and Advocacy Seminars held in all provinces funded by The Asia Foundation.



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