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Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra (AFARM)
Activities and Programs

Major Programme of AFARM: 
AFARM being a support service organisation, programmes designed by AFARM are implemented through various voluntary organisations working at the grassroot level. In some exceptional situations like disaster relief work, the constitution provides for direct implementation of the programme. The main programmes, services and network activities of AFARM are as follows: 
AFARM Programmes 
AFARM’s Services  
AFARM Forum/ Network Activities  
Participatory Programmes 

AFARM Programmes 
1. Women and Adolescent Girls development 
2. Tribal and weaker sections development 
3. Nomadic and de-notified tribes development 
4. Trainings programmes and workshops 
5. Participatory watershed development 
6. Food security for dalits and marginal farmers 
7. Support Services & Training Unit under CAPART Watershed Programme 
8. Mother NGO under drought prone area development programme 
9. Monitoring of programmes of Rural Development Ministry (GoI) 
10. Disaster relief work 

AFARM’s Services  
11. Research, surveys and study reports  
12. Information technology  
13. Technical assistance  
14. Water and soil analysis  
15. Groundwater investigation  
16. Preparation of project proposals  
17. Provision of information about various schemes  
18. Assistance to innovative and experimental projects  

AFARM Forum/ Network Activities  
19. Co-ordination of voluntary efforts  
20. Liasing between voluntary organisations and government departments  
21. Participation and assistance in programmes of Government and funding agencies  
22. AFARM newsletter, Info-letter and other publications  
23. Organisation of workshops and seminars on issues related  to voluntary organisations  

Participatory Programmes:  
Programmes designed by AFARM are of a participatory nature involving voluntary agencies and beneficiaries. In this joint effort AFARM initiates and provides necessary training and support services to the organisations and its beneficiaries, which ensures the success and effectiveness of the package programme. Some of such programmes are as follows:  
1 Adolescent Girls Development  
2 Health, Nutrition and Kitchen Gardens  
3 Family Counselling  
4 Grain Banks  
5 Kindergarten programme for Nomads and Tribes  
6 Goat Rearing Programme for Nomadic Tribes  
7 Watershed Development  
8 Food Security for Tribal and Marginal farmers  
9 Panchayatraj Awareness  

AFARM Training Programmes: 
AFARM aims at enhancing the capacity of voluntary organisations (vos) and their workers. In order to upgrade their skills and update their knowledge, innovative training programmes are organised periodically. Training is one of the important features of AFARM''s services. The training is organised as per the requirement of the VO''s at AFARM level as Trainers Training (ToT), and at agency level as training programmes for field workers and beneficiaries. The training programmes are organised regionwise in Maharashtra and at AFARM''s Training Centres. AFARM personnel participate as resource persons in agency level training programmes. Some of the short duration and diploma training organised by AFARM are as   

AFARM Publications: 
The immense experience gained after conducting training programmes on a variety of subjects and in various disciplines resulted in the creation of study material which was utilised during the training programme. It was simultaneously field tested and the required corrections were made. The recurring need of reading material was satisfied by conversion of this material into publications. Some of these publications are as 

Social Publications   
Pani Prabhodika (Manual on Drinking Water Awareness) 
Balwadi Shikshika Margadarshika  (Kindergarten Teachers Manual) 
Mahila Mandals Margadarshika (Manual for Women’s Groups) 
Panchayati Raj Margadarshika (Manual on Local Self Government) 
Parasbaug Margadarshika (Manual on Kitchen Garden) 
Saras Arogyasathi Parasbaug (Report on AFARM’s Kitchen Garden Programme) 
Stri Arogyachi Olakh (Guide to Women’s Health) 
Jignyasa  (Questions and Answers of Adolescent Girls) 
Kishori Vikas Margadarshia (I & II) (Collection of articles for Adolescent Girls Dev. Prog.) 
Kishori Vikas Karyakram Margadarshia (Guide to Adolescent Girls Dev. Prog,) 
Bandhilaki, Pardarshakta, Samijik Mullye (Accountability, Transparency and Social Values) 

Technical Publications  
Handpump Durusti Margadarshika  (Manual on Handpump Repairs) 
Gramin Sahabhagiya Mulyavalokan (Participatory Rural Appraisal) 
Shashwat Sheti (Sustainable Agriculture) 
Ropwatika Niyojan Va Vyavasthapan (Nursery Raising and Management) 
Mrud va Jal Samvardhan Margadarshika (Manual on Soil and Water Conservation) 
Sahabhagiya Panlot Kshetra Vikas Hastagranth (Handbook on Participatory Watershed Development) 
Koradvahu Alpabhudharak Shetiche Bhavitavya (Status of Dryland Marginal Farmers) 
CAPART Watershed Guidelines  

Other Publications  
AFARM Silver Jubilee Souvenir (25 years of AFARM work) 
AFARM Vartapatra ( AFARM Newsletter) 
Timeplease (Poster for Adolescent Girls) 
Mahiti Vahini (Info - Letter) 

AFARM IT Services:  
Quick access to any kind of information is possible with the use of IT.  AFARM has developed expertise in IT in order to benefit its members and create access to any kind of information. The following services are available at AFARM: 
· Software development 
· Internet and e-mail services 
· NicNet 
· DTP 
· Info-letter 
· AFARM website 
· Web pages for organisations 
· Documentation/ Resource Centre 

AFARM Technical Services:  
AFARM, being a service support organisation, plays a vital role in providing necessary technical services to the VOs. Technical services include services related to proposal making and monitoring of projects. A full-fledged cell with expert personnel caters to the needs of the voluntary sector. AFARM also extends technical services to the State and Central Governments in following areas: 
Watershed Development 
Food Security 
Agriculture and Irrigation 
Construction of Low cost Houses 
Roof Water Harvesting 
Groundwater Conservation 
Water and Soil Analysis 
Evaluation and Study Reports 

AFARM Research, Surveys and Evaluation Services:  
One of the important tasks of AFARM is to undertake research, surveys and evaluation work for voluntary agencies, the Government, and national and international organisations. Study reports on various issues have been prepared, including ‘Status of Hand Pumps and Tap Water Supply Projects in Rural Maharashtra’, ‘Quality of Drinking Water’, ‘Status of Tribal Women’, ‘Sustainable Agriculture’, ‘Malnutrition in Melghat’, ‘Drinking Water’, ‘Minor Irrigation Projects’, ‘The Functioning of Mahila Dakshata Committees’, ‘Problems of Female Social Workers’, and ‘A Study of Marginal Farmers in Drought prone area of Maharashtra ’. 

AFARM also undertakes evaluation of programmes like ‘Wastelands Development’, ‘CAPART''s Watershed Development’, ‘Ideal Village Project’, ‘Participatory Watershed Development’, ‘Development of Drought-prone Areas’ as well as organisational evaluations.  It is involved in monitoring of various schemes of the Ministry of Rural Development (GoI) executed by the Government of Maharashtra. 

AFARM Silver Jubilee Lecture Series:  
The lecture series was started in 1994, the silver jubilee year of AFARM. Held on the foundation day of AFARM every year, the series features lectures by renowned and eminent personalities on socially relevant issues. Among the topics dealt with so far are ‘Liberalisation and Eradication of Poverty’, ‘Politics and the Judicial System’, ‘ Science and Rural Development’, ‘Political Ideologies and Political Parties’, ‘Public Agitations, Justice and Legal Institutions’, and ‘Corruption in Society’. 

AFARM Rural Workers Award:  
This award is presented each year to a person who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of rural development and has worked in it for a long duration. This award was first instituted in the golden jubilee year of Indian Independence (1997). Since then five persons have been honoured, for their outstanding contribution in the field of women’s development, nomad’s development, informal education for Tribals, alcoholism, and natural and organic farming. The award consists of a citation, a medal and cash of Rs.2,500/-. 

AFARM Income - Expenses:  
AFARM’s income-expenses show a good balance between expenditure on administration and on projects undertaken. AFARM has been regularly receiving a grant from Christian Aid for the last 34 years. This is an indication of the donor agency’s trust in the work of AFARM. Following are the details of income-expenses for the year 2001-2002 
AFARM has been able to reach its target groups and its present position in the field is due to the generous contribution of various people and agencies. To enable the association to continue its good work, AFARM welcomes your help in any of the following ways: 
1. Donation in cash or kind 
2. Donation for specific programmes 
3. Participation in AFARM’s work 
All donations to AFARM are exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. The FCRA allows contributions from other countries. 


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