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Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra (AFARM)
Mechanism of Operation

Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra (AFARM) is a voluntary organisation formed for the collective benefit of the voluntary organisations through their own collective actions. Born out of an acute felt need for an apex institution to co-ordinate efforts of the voluntary organisations in their task for providing drinking water to villages, AFARM today provides a forum for interaction amongst its members and for the interaction between its members and other funding and developmental organisations including Government for all round NGO development. 

The main objectives of AFARM are: 
a) AFARM is a non profit organisation, for the promotion of voluntary efforts in the fields of Natural Resources Development, Human Resources Development, Socio-Economic Development of deprived classes of society, and Community Development, such as agriculture, groundwater, soil and water conservation, development of forests, horticulture, environment, ecology, animal husbandry, water management, irrigation, drinking water, village/cottage industries, propagation of formal and non-formal education, health, hygiene and sanitation, welfare of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, denotified tribes, nomadic tribes, tribals, women, handicapped, child labour, etc. in Maharashtra. 
b) AFARM also aims to effect and promote co-ordination of the programmes of voluntary agencies with the plans of the Government, in the above mentioned activities in Maharashtra.

AFARM provides:  
•a forum for consultation amongst Government departments, agricultural and development institutions, voluntary agencies, farmers and other sections of the community, with a view to increase their involvement in programmes of voluntary agencies.
•a forum for necessary research support, to obtain information for sound planning of projects of voluntary agencies and to collect and disseminate the information to all interested parties.
•assistance to voluntary agencies to conceive and implement integrated plans for the development of their target groups through liaison with Government agencies and ensure harmony with official development plans for the region.
•relief measures and helps the community, whenever and wherever possible, in emergencies such as drought, floods, earthquakes, epidemics, etc.
•a forum for promoting, maintaining and improving voluntary agencies; to provide financial or any other assistance to individuals, groups, societies, associations, institutions or voluntary agencies having similar objects as those of AFARM.
•technical support to voluntary agencies for soil survey, civil work and other areas of specialist inputs.
•training in technical aspects of Natural Resources, Management of voluntary agencies, Development of women, tribals and nomads, etc. with a thrust on education, economic and social development through their participation.

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