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All India Women’s Education Fund Association (AIWEFA)
Activities and Programs

Ongoing Projects: 
I. Computer Literacy in Schools
II. Village Adoption in Gurgaon

I.Computer Literacy in Schools 
The All India Women’s Education Fund’s Association’s (AIWEFA) ‘Computers For Schools’ project was launched by Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, on Women’s Day i.e., 8th March 2002. The project aims at creating computer awareness of and imparting basic computer training to Government MCD/NDMC Primary Schools.
The program commenced with 10 used PCs provided by MTNL, 10 UPS units (one with each PC) were also provided in early 2003. NIIT has provided one Resource Person for the period 2002—2005.
Since the last three years (2002-2005) AIWEFA has imparted basic computer awareness to nearly 1500 primary school children
The ‘Computers for Schools’ project has been quite successful in creating computer awareness in these 10-12 year old, young minds and introducing them to the world of Information Technology thus preparing them for a bright future.

II. Village Adoption in Gurgaon
In May 2003 AIWEFA adopted a holistic and sustainable approach to area wise development in its “Village Adoption Project”. The programme lays thrust on literacy development, including providing extra support for children with less aptitude for education; health issues, hygiene and sanitation, vocational training to girls and women and imparting income generation skills. The programme also emphasizes identifying and encouraging local talent in sports and other areas
During 2002-2003 the initial area identification and mapping of the requirements was completed. During 2003-2004 the Project gathered momentum in the villages of Daboda, Tirpari and Pataudi. GAIL (India) has been the sponsor while AIWEFA has networked with the Government machinery, partner NGOs and other organizations for greater outreach. Some of the activities during 2004-2005 include:
     1. Basic literacy classes
     2. Computer education
     3. Non-formal education
     4. Private coaching for class 8 and class 10 students in mathematics and English.       
Health Care and Medical Facilities:
     1. A comprehensive Health Camp at Tirpari by a team of 6 Doctors from Gurgaon was organized. 250 people were registered, examined and dispensed free medicines.
     2. Two Nutrition Camps each for five days were organised. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the cookery competitions and 36 certificates from Food and Nutrition Board and AIWEFA, separately, were distributed.
     3. A 3-day training workshop on Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA/ Dai) and Reproductive Health Awareness programme was organized. Medical equipment required for general well being were provided by AIWEFA,which includes child weighing machines, blood pressure instruments and stethoscopes.   
     1. Sulabh International has constructed two sample toilets for the community at Tirpari and Pataudi. AIWEFA provided 500 bricks and pans per individuals in Tirpari village for the construction of 25 individual toilets, while Sulabh International gave the technical guidance.
     2. After the monsoons, insecticide was sprayed around three hundred households who are associated with the Self Help Groups (SHGs) were covered to reduce mosquito breeding. 
Income Generation and Vocational Training:
     1. Arts and Crafts classes in Pataudi and Daboda/Tirpari respectively.
     2. Tailoring Classes are being held in all the three villages where sewing machines, embroidery machines and materials like clothes, threads, black boards have been provided. Nearly 80 adolescent girls have completed the six-month course.
     3. Beautician Classes in two batches have commenced at Pataudi   
Capacity Development:
     1. Workshops for the Trainers and leaders are held regularly at the AIWEFA office to introduce best practices,impart standardisation of training and to strengthen their links with AIWEFA.
     2. AIWEFA has approached Rural Development & Self-Employment Training Institute (RUDSET) and Vishwa Yuvak Kendra to impart Career Guidance and to hold Training Workshops for Vocational Skills and Youth Entrepreneurship. Youth Groups from the three villages have been guided and trained on how to avail of bank loans, run their businesses and market their produce. Several youths have been motivated to start their enterprises.   

Programme Highlights: 
Group Leaders were taken on an Exposure Visit to Dilli Haat, New Delhi to learn the nuances of display, packaging and pricing.
Begum Sahiba of Pataudi (Ms. Sharmila Tagore) presided at a function organised by the beneficiaries of the three villages at the Pataudi Centre. Sulabh International, Food and Nutrition Board also participated in the event.  
On 5th March ’05 Ms. Tagore arranged a picnic at her ‘mahal’ for the women leaders from the three villages.
SHGs members participated in an Exhibition at AIWC in July’05
SHGs members participated in an exhibition at SARAS Mela in October’05

On 3rd September 2003 the AIWEFA accepted the role of Regional Coordinator for the Untied Nations NGO Informal Regional Network (UN NGO IRENE) for India offered for two years by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs Section of the United Nations. The consists of providing:  
A network for communication and information exchange between national and regional NGOs in consultative status and the NGO Section/UNDESA.
A mechanism to enhance the role and the impact of the NGO Sector and to strengthen their contribution to the ECOSOC work in implementing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and promoting partnership with the UN.
As a coordinator AIWEF is responsible for contacting and transmitting information from the NGO section to NGOs in the consultative status with the Economic and Social Council, as well as potential applicants for the consultant status. Other responsibilities include providing advice and assistance in preparing the mandated quadrennial reports in conformity to the expected guidelines from Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), New York and coordinate with the NGOs in India to work toward the Millennium Development Goals.   

     1. AIWEFA organized regional meetings on “Challenge to Development – Survival of Girl Child – Women’s Empowerment in partnership with the government, NGOs and civil society were held in Amritsar (northern  region), Guwahati (north-eastern region), Kolkata, Bhubneshwar (eastern region) and Trivandrum, Coimbatore (souther region).
     2. AIWEFA in partnership with DON BOSCO ASHALAYAM set up a centre in May 2004, at Laxmi Nagar for the Afghani Refugees, registered under the UNHCR, as well as the local minority community to impart computer literacy programme and spoken English for women, children as well as, men, and beautician training classes for the women. Conducted a drawing competition and a health check up camp followed by lunch and a cultural programme on World Refugee Day. World Breast Feeding Week was also celebrated.
     3. AIWEFA celebrated Children’s Day with networking partner Radico Welfare Centre.
     4. AIWEFA in collaboration with Delhi Government had opened a new centre at Geeta Colony, Silai Centre where Computer Literacy Classes and Beautician course for the under privileged is being carried out.

Projects successfully completed

I. Directory - On Common Grounds
II. Women''s Empowerment Project, Narsinghpur
III. Training in micro-credit financing

I. Directory - On Common Grounds
Aimed at fostering linkages between NGOs and donor agencies concerned with women’s issues, the second edition of the Directory ‘On Common Ground’ was released by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt.Sheila Dikshit on 5th February 2004 at a function held at the Delhi Secretariat Auditorium.
The Second Edition of the Directory is an updation of the first for which over ten thousand forms are being distributed, attestation of authentic data by the local Sub Divisional Magistrates is being sought and a user-friendlier format is being adopted. The umbrella of information requested from organisations includes new inputs on the role of especially able people and the use of information technology by NGOs in projects or administration. Ford Foundation supported this project. 1100 copies of the English version and 400 copies in Hindi listing over 1700 organizations and donor agencies in India were published.
The database included in the directory will help NGOs to participate, monitor, evaluate, research, initiate & implement various programmes in rural and urban areas. It will also assist in establishing contact between various NGOs, Government agencies and funding agencies. The current publication also provides a synoptic view of the nature of activities undertaken by NGOs in different parts of the country.

II. Women''s Empowerment Project, Narsinghpur
AIWEFA successfully completed a joint venture project with the Sat Krishna Trust; AIWEFA provided the expertise and facilitated the teaching in a programme for empowerment of women in village Narsinghpur, Gurgaon. The project involves capacity building through education in legal awareness, health and nutrition and includes elements of income generation. The women are being taught to knit mufflers and make blanket patches. Fifteen sewing machines have also been installed for the women to learn sewing under the guidance of a specialised teacher who visits the village twice a week.
At Krishna Maruti Company Pvt. Ltd. annual day celebrations were held on December 1, 2002. The village women had put up a stall selling peanut chikki in small packets. These items were taught to them through a demonstration-cum-training in home-scale preservation of fruits and vegetables arranged for them by AIWEFA.

III. Training in micro-credit financing
In 2002 women from Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh were sponsored for a month''s training in Mumbai for receiving instructions in micro-credit financing and setting up small trades like spice (masala) making.

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