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Peace Child International
Activities and Programs

Be the Change! Program: supporting youth-led community development. This web-based, youth-led development program supports, trains and enables young people around the world to design and implement concrete development projects in their own communities. The Be the Change!(BTC) Programme was mandated by the delegates to Peace Child’s 1st World Youth Congress - the Millennium Young People''s Congress (MYPC) - held in Hawaii in 1999. Since then, Peace Child has awarded small grants to over a hundred projects. Following the 3rd Congress in Scotland, the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations funded 37 BTC projects through a grant from the Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland. Peace Child has funded a further 18 projects which vary from digging wills, making bridges, setting up small cooperatives, running training projects etc.

Be the Change!Challenge(BTCC) programme: promoting Sustainable Lifestyles: This programme is specifically designed for schools in England – but is free for schools and teachers in any country to translate, adapt and promote in their own schools. It is sponsored by the UK Government to encourage behaviour change in young people’s consumption patterns, energy use, food, recycling etc. through getting students to sign a lifestyle contract(LSC) with themselves. Different versions of the contract have been developed for primary and secondary students. The LSC invites students to make 5 pledges to do different things such as turning off taps when cleaning teeth , turning off lights etc. If they fulfil their pledges for 4 weeks, they are awarded lifestyle certificates.

Youth-created books on key global issues: After the success of their first book, "Rescue Mission - a children''s edition of Agenda 21," which sold close to half a million copies and was translated into 23 languages, Peace Child was invited to create a whole series of youth-created books for the United Nations - including one on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, one on the UN Environment Programme''s Global Environment Outlook and several others. All are written, illustrated, edited and designed by young people from many countries with a minimum of adult supervision. It has also produced a handbook on carrying out youth-led development and a book on Co-Mangagement. (see: www.co-management.info) Faith In Europe is a current project – conducting a survey throughout all European countries in looking at both the faith people have in European Institutions – the European Commission, Parliament, currency, constitution etc. - and how they regard faith in general throughout Europe.

Congresses: Peace Child in partnership with host countries has produced three World Youth Congresse focusing on the UN Millennium Development Goals and youth-led development. The first was held in Hawaii in 1999, the second in 2003 in Morocco, the third in Scotland in 2005. The next Congress will be held in Quebec City in 2008 and will be preceded by a Festival of youth-led development projects around the world.

Peace Child Musical Play: For its first 10 years, Peace Child''s main activity was bridging the gap between East and West by bringing together young people from the USA and USSR in the musical play, Peace Child. A tour of this play brought the first Soviet young people to the USA on a youth exchange. A new Peace Child 2000 play has just been published which explores how young people bridge the much wider gap between North and South, and between the rich and poor nations of the world. Every Peace Child play is written by young people and their adult directors, drawing on the songs and the script/study guide of the original. Each play is set in the future – 2025-2030: on Peace Day, children of the future look back and tell the story of how their generation brought peace, an end to war, poverty and environmental degradation to their world. Other Peace Child performances have looked at the conflicts in Southern Africa, Central America, the Middle East, the Balkans, and the inner cities of the United States.

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