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Are you interested in attending a course about promoting the Culture of Peace?

Agency for Development and Advancement
Activities and Programs

Role of ADAA’

-Our company will be responsible for any expenses regarding the campaign. The library will not be committed to any expenditure.
-We will cooperate with you to select a student organization that has potential & leaders, and partner with it during the campaign. For that purpose, we will provide the following for this student organization:

o Exposure on other campuses: this student organization will be allowed to publicize for its activities (events, recruitment, etc.) on the campuses of our other partner universities.
o Professional training sessions in the fields of their activities facilitated by ADAA’ trainers. These training sessions will be:

1- Management for Beginners
2- Planning for Beginners (personal planning and time management)
3- How to be effective in your community.
4- Marketing for Beginners: The Tipping Point
- Other optional training sessions: Presentation Skills- Effective Communication.

N. B. You’re free to choose any four training sessions
N. B. The training sessions will be all for free.

o Partnership & Recruitment opportunities: We are a very ambitious, newly founded company; the success of this campaign will give us the opportunity to grow. So, to serve our ultimate purpose that is to develop Egyptian youth, we will be looking for long term partnerships with student organizations, and recruiting employees from the fresh graduates of these organizations.
o Certificate of partnership for all co-organizers

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