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Ecumenical Popular Education Program (EPEP)
Activities and Programs

EPEP programs are built on the principals of education and
action interlinked through process aimed at mobilization of
people.  This carried through three thematic areas of work
including Continuous Education & Life Long Learning
(Literacy), Human Right Education, Community Economic
Solidarity.  Each of the proposed thematic areas of work feed
EPEP’s “Education for Development” approach for change
implemented at the community, national and regional level. 
Currently, EPEP is focused on running its Learn, Liberate
Yourself (LLY).  Nonetheless, it is also taking steps toward
rejuvenating its Stand for Your Rights Program (SFYR) on
human rights as well as looking into developing its Our
Solidarity, Our Economy program (OSE).  Each of its programs
each includes an educational training component supported by
a community project carried in collaboration with partners.

Learn, Liberate Yourself (LLY): 

This program is composed
of a continuous education project and health and environmental
project; Goal:  To develop of qualitative educational projects
with local partners in the Arab World

TAOWQ for Human Rights (TFHR):

  This program consist of a
human right education project and a direct intervention project;
Goal:  To promote a culture of respect for human rights by
exercising democratic practices and consolidate citizenship in
the Arab world; 

Our Solidarity, Our Economy (OSE):

This program is one of
EPEP’s most recent initiatives in community economic
intervention.  It is composed of community economic
development training project and building solidarity network
project. Goal:  To promote community economic solidarity
projects with local partners in the Arab World

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