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Ecumenical Popular Education Program (EPEP)
Staff and Members

EPEP is a hybrid organization composed of number of
structures, bodies and groups operating at the national and
regional level.  It is composed of both a legislative and
executive committees.  It’s alliances at the legislative level is a
key toward its horizontal grass-root expansion across the Arab
world.  Committee formations within EPEP constitute the
foundation for supporting future horizontal and vertical
outreach into the Arab world. 

Management & Administration (National & Regional):

EPEP current regional and national management is composed
of (14) staff members including an Executive Secretary,
Executive Officer, Regional Program Director, National Program
Representatives within its four (4) principal offices, Six (6)
National and Regional Trainers and a Cooperant Volunteer. 
Additional staff persons are engaged on part-time or
contractual basis on short-term contracts as the need requires. 

Regional Committee: 

EPEP Regional Committee is
composed of eleven (11) different member representatives of
the various partners and groups within each country, executive
secretary, honorary resources people associated with the
project from before.  Representatives recruited on voluntary
basis and drawn from civil society across the Arab world and
include educational experts, researchers, NGO and Labor
union representatives, etc. associated with the organization. 
The regional committee acts as a steering body overseeing
EPEP achievements and outputs in terms of projects and
programs over the course of the year.

National Committees:

The national committees are
composed of ten (10) to fifteen (15) volunteers drawn from
government and civil society sector including organization,
institutions, associations and groups.  Each national committee
elects its own president, treasurer and a national coordinator
every two years.  Women representation is primordial to its
decision-making structures.  Currently, EPEP has five active
national committees operating within Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt,
Sudan and Morocco.

•Beirut, Lebanon
•Cairo, Egypt
•Casablanca, Morocco
•Khartoum, Sudan
•Amman, Jordan

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