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History and Background

Human societies always grow by mutual efforts of its members. These efforts must be guided by the passion and vision of the people blessed with the capability of guiding their fellow-beings.

 To be considerate for other and to work for the ailing humanity is the mission of the prophets, saints and all great people of this world. It is the only source of internal contentment and happiness. To live for others is the real living. Love of humanity is the core of all religions. Today we are facing horrible dilemmas of poverty, illiteracy, social exploitation AIDS, population-boom, terrorism, increasing trend of criminality, drug addiction and so on. More than 800 million people of the world are living below the extreme poverty line.

 Terrorism, AIDS, Drugs all are threatening the well being, peace and even existence of human race.

 The condition of third world countries is especially miserable in this regard the backward and far-flung areas of these countries are virtually HELLS ON THE EARTH for their Inhabitants.

 Bahawalpur is one of these remote and most backward areas of Pakistan. Conditions of poverty, Environment, Disease, Illiteracy, Human Rights, Women Rights and Democracy, Minorities, Crimes and Social awareness are very much dismal. This region is the most neglected and unattended part of the country. Apart from governments attitude the apathy of international welfare agencies is a sorrowful reality.

 GOHER FOUNDATION------- is a vision and passion combined with organized efforts of the educated and conscious people of this region. It is a common urge invoked by the God Almighty, in the hearts of these people to bring positive changes in the human and social conditions of the down- trodden masses of this area.

 We, the people of GOHER FOUNDATION has determined to do our level best to bring smile to weeping faces of the poor and deprived people of the region.
 We are the partners of our national leaders in the task of elimination of poverty, illiteracy, and all kinds of Human misery.

Our past three years are a story of determination, struggle and achievement. We have lit the candle of Hope, Progress, and Positivism and are aspired to reach the destination of Human contentment and happiness in the light of this candle.

 We invite all the forces of love and sincerity for human being to join us in this noble task as the combined efforts of individuals and societies always prove successful.

 May God help and bless all of us, in this sublime mission.

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