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Minhaj Welfare Foundation
Mechanism of Operation

Fundamental Goals:
Provide Quality and Education in very low affordable price
Provide scholarship to the poor and deserving students.
The Provision of standard basic necessities to the poor people deprived of fundamental needs for health.
The Set up of welfare projects for basic rights of women.
The Set up of welfare projects for basic rights of children.
To make orphan and dependent children civilized by giving them education, training and better residence.
The Restoration of victims of natural disasters.
The provide First Aid, ambulance and blood during the emergency and dangerous accidental circumstances.
To practically develop the sense for the basic human rights.
To provide financial aid to the deserving poor people from the public fund.
The Supply of neat water in backward areas.
The Set up of dowry funds for the marriages of the poor and helpless daughters.
To create awareness of drugs especially among the youth.
The Protection of rights for minorities.

The Basic Welfare Philosophy of Foundation:
Undoubtedly, there have been different theories and opinions regarding welfare services in different eras.  One of them is: The Quick Solution of Problems in which the people who face many problems are helped in such a way that they get their problems solved with in no time. For example to feed some one hungry or treatment of wounded. Where as the other theory is to solve the problems of the masses on permanent basis. For instance, Give man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to a fish, feed him for his life. Its better to teach some one how to dress also along with dressing so that he may be able to earn and dress. Whereas Minhaj Welfare Foundation has it''s own theory and that is The Permanent Solution of Problems and reduce the problems so that one should know the solution of one''s problems and their reasons; and one should be enlightened with the motives and the shortcomings in the society which cause ones hunger, thrust and diseases; And one should be prepared for practical struggles for one''s rectification so that due to unparallel social system, neither any one should beg nor follow the beggar. And thus there must be the reduction of problems of the poor.


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