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Organic Agriculture and rural development Foundation (OARDF)
Activities and Programs

Farmers in Pakistan are dedicated to promote the Organic Agriculture and Rural Development. OARDF has a range of agriculture produce including Organic Rice, Organic Sesame Seed, Organic Wheat, Organic Kinno fruit and juice concentrate, and Organic Mango fruit and pulp.

- OARDF is organizing trainings for farmers to improve the soil conditions and sustainable agriculture.

- OARDF is arranging seminars and training workshops.

- OARDF is developing conversion systems to meet local agro-ecological and economic needs.

- OARDF provides technology development and crop specific technical guidelines.

- OARDF is developing management systems for improved productivity.

- OARDF is engaged for on farm research and experimentation and marketing support.

- OARDF interacts in constructive and life enhancing way with natural systems and cycles.

- OARDF tries to minimize all forms of pollution.

- OARDF explores the use of renewable resources.

- OARDF is engaged to maintain and increase long-term fertility of soil.

- OARDF considers the wider social and ecological impact of the organic agriculture.

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