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Pakistan Christian Peace Foundation (PCPF)
Mechanism of Operation
The Aims and Objectives for which the Pakistan Christian Peace Foundation is established:
1.To Create awareness of education among the deprived communities to develop respectable and better living standards and think for a bright future.
2.To establish vocational institution and sponsor short-term professional courses especially for people/Christian women and girls residing in rural and remote areas for promotion income generating capacity. The main object is being to resolve the problem of unemployment and making them skilled persons.
3.To arrange establish, support and subscribe various programs aiming at promoting rate of literacy. To achieve this objective institutions departing education may be established: workshops and seminars may be arranged and sponsored.
4.To undertake support and subsidize measures programs and plans for reducing and eradicating pollution and improving environment.
5.To support establish and subsidize various programs and institutions catering to the hygienic and health requirements by encouraging persons from medical profession to serve the, mankind and also setting up clinics and dispensaries for deserving peoples On no profit bases.
6.To provide services in the field of computer by educating in this field.
7.To remove the hunger and promote the agriculture development for poor and needy Christians of Pakistan.
8.To guide, support and encourage youth to work for their development to tackle the seasons of dearth in the particular places in Pakistan.
9.To make attentive the peoples for the cultivation of land and how the get the fruit. For this we arrange seminars and workshops for themselves.
10.To raise the awareness in the Christian community to make them durable and get rid from oppression.
11.To make the plans for the betterment of society and organization.
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