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iraqi al-amal association
Activities and Programs

Activities 2008
Aid distribution for displaced families in Nynwa plain region/Al-Mousl governorate

Iraqi Al-amal association started in collaboration with the support of Etana women gathering in Nynwa plain region in Al-mousl governorate and the international Red Cross organization an aid distribution process during may 2008,the project lasted from 11till16-4-2008,targeting 250 Iraqi families, the beneficiaries were selected from ... More

Basma AlKhateeb - Iraqi Aid Worker

Al-Khateeb is a humanitarian worker based in Baghdad, where she works for the non-profit group Iraqi AlAmal Association. A former program coordinator for the U.N. Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), she rallied women to participate in Iraq''s ... More
Activities 2007
‛‛ Commemorating Pioneer Women and present challenges for the Iraqi women march ’’

Iraqi women network held a conference in 17th Nov. 2007 in Baghdad, under the slogan `` Pioneering and continuity for Iraqi women March``. 200 participants gathered in the activity ... More
Civil Society Organizations “Yes for Federal Iraq, No for Sectarian Partitioning”

Last week’s Congress non-binding amendment calls for partitioning of Iraq into three federals divided along ethnic and sectarian lines, created a public and official turmoil in Iraq, refusing any appalling impose on Iraq’s domestic affairs, sovereignty and unity ... More

 Conflict Resolution for Teenage students Project Erbil

In the 12th of Sep.2007, IAA/Erbil office in cooperation with NDI concluded the training of Conflict Resolution programme for teenage students from the 1/07/2007 to 12/09/2007, targeting 50 students from both gender, age category (14-16) ... More
A Ramadan Eve for Peace and Reconstruction

On the Eve of International Day of Peace, September 20th, 2007, Iraqi AlAmal Association, AlMada for Media, Culture, and Arts, Kerrada District Council in Baghdad, and the Iraqi Council for Peace and Solidarity organized a Ramadan Eve, held on the location of one of the deadliest bomb attacks targeting civilians in Baghdad ... More

 August 20th 2007

www.iraqi-alamal.org , the official website of the association that was launched nearly ten years ago, has been updated now and launched back with new outlook and topics ... More

The accomplishment of Peace Building Project Through Training on Conflict Resolution and Democracy

In mid-August 2007, Iraqi Al-Amal Association, with support from UNOPS (United Nations Project Servicing Office), and in partnership with Baghdad Women Association, completed the project “Peace Building through Training on Conflict Resolution and Democracy”. The principle components of the project included training in ... More
Graduation of Conflict Resolution three (CR3) Teenage Students

In July 7th 2007, Iraqi AlAmal Association, celebrated the graduation of Class three of the Conflict Resolution amongst teenage students, for the year July ’06-July ’07, aiming to build capacity of the students, training them on team work, conflict resolution through dialogue, human rights and democracy education, and providing them with computers and English language        skills... More
Emergency relief implementation to three thousand displaced family in Karbala''a governorate

IAA ended the emergency relief implementation of 3000 displaced and continent families hosted in Kerbala'' governorate. Those families are distributed over 61 districts in the center and some other regions of Kerbala''... More

 IAA in cooperation with the Iraqi Red Crescent association

IAA in cooperation with the Iraqi Red Crescent association presented a lower artificial limb for the ... More

Civil dialogue for youth Conference in Erbil/Shaqlawa 2-4 May 2007

The second Conference on Civil Dialogue for Youth was held recently in Shaqlawa/ Erbil, between 2-4 of May 2007, more than 87 youth from both gender, of age category (16-28), from 10 governorates (Nineveh, Baghdad, Kirkuk, Basra, Thi Qar, Sulaimaniya, Sallhddin, Kerbala, Erbil, and Najaf). The main topic for the Conference was “Human Security” where youth groups presented their relative research papers ... More

The role of civil society organizations in promoting national unity

The civil society conference’ preparatory committee with the cooperation of IAA held talks in the 24th of March 2007 at ALRASHEED hotel, aiming to promoting civil society participation in the national unity and decision       making ... More

 The first Educational meeting for literacy education in Diwania governorate.

On Monday the 19th of February 2007, IAA in coordination with the Department of Education in Diwaniya governorate, the 1st   literacy education meeting was held under the slogan (Building a developed programme for literacy in particular ... More


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