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iraqi al-amal association
Staff and Members

Founding Members/General Committee

Mr. Noaman Muna – Chairman
Noaman is an Architectural resident in the UK. He was a founding member and, for many years, the Chairman of the Iraqi Association in the UK. He has put in a lot of time into promoting Iraqi Al-Amal Association and its causes.

Ms. Hanaa Edwar – Secretary
Hanaa is very much the face of Al-Amal within Iraq. She has been involved in the humanitarian movement for many years working in Kurdistan and now from Baghdad. Having a background in law, much of her efforts go into strengthening women’s rights and civil society organisations.

Mr. Jamal Jawahiri - Public Relations and Finance
Jamal was living in Syria for many years and returned to Baghdad after the fall of the regime. He has been responsible for Public Relations for many years and represents Al-Amal on the Coordinating Committee of Arab NGO''s Network for Development. With a background in accountancy, Jamal is also the Finance Director of Iraqi Al-Amal.

Ms. Selma Jabboo -
Selma is an engineer who worked in different parts of Northern Africa and the Middle East. She is working as an advisor to the President on women’s’ affairs. She has been working with Al-Amal focussing on the implementation of projects. She is one of the founders of the Arab Women’s Court which focuses on violence against women and she is a member of its Coordinating Committee.

Mr. Andre Saleh – Information
Andre is a mechanical engineer, specialising in computers and living in France. Through his wide relationship, he has gained valuable support for Al-Amal projects.

Mr. Ahmed Abdulla -
Based in Arbil, Ahmed is a farmer and has played a prominent role in leading Al-Amal branch in Kurdistan and now he is supervising Al-Amal office in Arbil.

Mr. Sami Saleem -
Based in Arbil, Sami wais among the founders of Al-Amal branch in Kurdistan, and as he is a civil engineer, he has chaired the Engineering Department and carried out many construction and rehabilitation projects like the construction of the hospital.
The Supervisory Committee

Prof. Mohamed Al-Rubeai
Mohamed is a Professor of genetic, currently in Ireland and Advisor to the President on scientific matters. He is a co-founder and has worked with civil society organizations for many years.

Dr. Kifah Al-Jawahiri
Kifah is an oil engineer and academic. He is one of Al-Amal’s co-founders.


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