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Khwendo Kor
Activities and Programs

Major Projects

1.   Poverty Alleviation  (August 04-July 07)
 Theme: Credit Systems
 Project Area:  Peshawar, Karak 
2.   Non formal Primary Schools in District Dir  (October 05-September 06)
 Theme:  Primary Non Formal Education
 Project Area:  Dir 
3. Gender Equality Programme for FATA (FATA October2005-September 06)
 Theme:  Integrated Programmes
 Project Area:  Bannu,Bajaur Agency,Khyber Agency 
4.   Mitigating Violence Against Children by Developing Child-Sensitive Communities and Schools  (October 05-September 07)
 Theme: Advocating how to Mitigating Violence Against Children by Developing Child-Sensitive Communities and Schools
 Project Area: Khyber Agency 
5.  Strengthening collaboration for promoting female education (April 05-March 06)
 Theme: Education with Education Department and District Departments
 Project Area:  Dir 
6.   Enhancing Women’s Political Participation  (June 05-November 06)
 Theme: Advocacy and Awareness raising on Political Rights
 Project Area: Peshawar,Karak,Dir Upper and Lower 
7.   Global Call to Action against Poverty  (April 05-March 06)
 Theme: Advocacy and awareness raising
 Project Area: 19 districts of NWFP (except Manshera Division) 
8.   Women and Children Development Programme  (July 05-June 08)
 Theme:  Integrated Programmes
 Project Area: Peshawar, Bannu, Dir, Karak 
Future Plans
 - Microenterprize Policy Review in the light of Islamic mode of financing  
 - Institutionalization of Advocacy unit  
 - Establishment of Microenterprize Unit 

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