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Life Brige Association
Activities and Programs

LIFE Bridge Association(LBA) Pakistan, education projects cover a wide variety of approaches to education, including non-formal schooling methods, Aim of all education projects is to create awareness about the importance of learning in the local communities and thereby are an important vehicle for people to become independent and self-empowered.

LIFE Bridge Association (LBA) contributed in the field of education by not only providing state of the art computer Labs, science labs, Libraries and furniture but also to the training of teachers for better quality of education.

Skills Development:
LIFE Bridge Association (LBA) is working to create self-sufficiency amongst the poorer members of the community. Skills training coupled with providing some initial finance plays an important role in both giving individuals’ hope and skills and providing the local community with an impetus of new and better products or services.

LIFE Bridge Association (LBA) is running a vocational training center (Mansehra)
Skills Development Centre sponsored by LIFE Bridge Association (LBA) in Mansehra

Healthy people are simply a pre-requisite for a healthy community which is able to help itself out of poverty.
In Pakistan Health facilities to the poor people in general and to the people of rural areas in particular are very rare. The situation can be judged from the fact that according to government statistics only one doctor is available to 1359 persons, one dentist to 25107 people, one nurse for 3175 and one hospital bed for 1540 persons. The available facilities are not only very expensive but also not reachable to poor.

Emergency Relief:
Provision of emergency relief to the affectees of natural and man-made disasters is a key area of LIFE Bridge Association (LBA). Every year thunderstorms, earthquakes, floods and droughts devastate the lives of millions. In response, LIFE Bridge Association(LBA) is providing emergency food and water supplies, builds shelter, send medical missions and helps local communities to develop rehabilitation plans to ensure that future generations can have a better life.

LIFE Bridge Association (LBA) contributed in emergency relief to flood affectees in Badin, Rain hit people of Northern areas, draught hit people of Balochistan and most recently to earthquake affectees in NWFP and AJK.

Water and Sanitation:
Many people, especially living in rural areas, spend several hours a day walking to water sources and carrying back heavy containers and there is the risk that the water they collect may be contaminated, making their families ill. In areas like Thar of Sind and some remote areas of Balochistan, NWFP and AJK safe drinking water is like a dream.

LIFE Bridge Association(LBA) dug 100 wells in Thar (Sind), installed Hand pumps in various localities of NWFP and Balochistan, and sponsored various water supply schemes in AJK (Bagh, Muzafarabad).

LIFE Bridge Association (LBA) water projects help thousands of people secure access to a clean safe water supply. If we can ensure a safe water supply, we can reduce health risks and make it easier for people to engage in more productive activities like securing an income for their families and growing food.


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