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Awaz Foundation Pakistan: Centre for Development Services
Activities and Programs

Community Uplift Program

• Education – non formal schools, making dead public sector schools functional,
literacy programs

• Health – improving health services in government dispensaries, acquiring
government health facilities, organizing camps and TBAs training

• Sanitation – Good hygiene practices, solid waste management and recycling

• Income generation – savings, small credit inputs and economic linkages

• Advocacy- on basic human rights, local/ regional disparity issues
Integrated Community Development & Empowerment Program

• Awareness raising on social, political and economic issues through regular
meetings, dialogues and forums

• Formation of local groups called VDCs, comprised of broad-based representation
of social groups

• Enhancement of skills and capacity building to undertake viable community
development work

• Building local resources and linkages of these groups to handle their work
independently and initiate rights based advocacy
Youth Awareness Campaign for Peace Democracy and Human Rights

• Educate/aware youth for social and political recruitment and to build indigenous

• Promote democratic culture, values and practices in educational institutions

• Reduce violence and intolerance to promote peace and social harmony

• Establish clubs/societies of youth in selected educational institutions

• Reduce mistrust and alienation of youth and promote social integration by linking
youth clubs/societies with mainstream CSOs and progressive networks

• Conducting research studies on all forms of non-democratic and discriminatory
practices at educational institutions for furthering the awareness campaign and
policy level advocacy & lobbying with decision makers/ legislatures/elected
representatives at district/tehsil and union council level.

1. Integrated Primary Healthcare Program

• The overarching objective is to establish a sustainable Integrated Primary
Healthcare system at 24 selected villages of Tehsil Vehari that are providing
preventive and curative health care and basic health education and training

• The other major objective is to establish a Health Development Network
comprised of IPHP, Government health departments and other health related
NGO’s/CBO’s of District Vehari. The HDN, has been playing a facilitation role
among government, corporate and citizen sector for making health centers in
District Vehari functional and harnessing human capital for better policy level
advocacy with Provincial and Federal governments
Awaz Foundation Pakistan: Centre for Development Services
Strengthening Local Government’s Grassroots Development Initiatives
The overarching goal of the project is to develop and strengthen the local
government’s development initiatives (in the form of Model Citizens’ Community
Boards) at grassroots level in urban and rural union councils at Multan by
ensuring community participation for effective and efficient utilization of
community & District Government’s available resources.

2. Awaz Mother & Child Healthcare Centre
In 2002 AwazCDS initiated this project to meet the curative and preventive needs
of the five contiguous suburban settlements around Multan viz. Qasim Bela,
Muhammad pur Ghotta, Langarial, Arjwain Sharif, and Jalilpur. Though it is
mainly a mother and child healthcare centre, yet there are a number of integrated
activities emanating from it. For example through this project not only services in
MCH sector are delivered but in basic and primary healthcare are also being
rendered. The centre has also developed strong referral linkages with the tertiary
level health facilities.

Life Skills Based Education Program
AwazCDS is currently running its LSBE programme in 16 selected schools
of Multan. The LSBE program aims to provide adolescents with the
knowledge, attitudes and life skills required for promoting their well-being,
preventing social and health problems and empower them in practicing,
achieving and safeguarding their sexual and reproductive health and
rights. The project also aims to create a platform for adolescents to
advocate for their health and rights within the cultural and traditional
norms of Pakistan by advocating for the increased support of government
and community for adolescent health interventions.

• To contribute towards the improved health and overall well being of
school going youth. Specifically, the project aims to improve the
health and life skills of school going youth.

• To build the capacity of teachers, institutions to address and
effectively respond to adolescents sexual and reproductive health

To develop and strengthen linkages with formalized groups that lobby for
inclusion of LSBE in the curricula as well as bringing changes in youth
policies at the national level.

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