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Bargad Society of Human Resource
Activities and Programs

Youth Activism against Gender Violence:
We, at Bargad aim at promotion of liberal and democratic values among the youth of Pakistan. Some where or the other youth is either victim of gender violence or involved in instigating it. Street harassment of young girls by young boys, gender violence in campuses is a common practice. Thus, we believe that “16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence” should be celebrated with youth as well. It is an opportunity to mobilize youth in a healthy activity which could have a lasting impact on their later life.

Peace and Youth Cooperation:
The Peace and Youth Cooperation project for the year 2004 is based on the assumption that the education track for the South Asian peace can be built by filling the informational gap and making peace relevant to the needs of everyday practices, both curricular and co-curricular, of the universities in the region. To that end, 10 public universities, including the one from India, have been earmarked whereby the project aims are aggregated through group formation, seminars, research, student exchanges, policy dialogues, establishment of an information network, follow-up of the previous year’s regional dialogue, sharing and dissemination, and holding of a region wise peace and youth dialogue.

Building on Bargad’s experience in universities and colleges the project activities in cooperation with interested practitioners and the concerned authorities will deliver one (1) regional peace dialogue; twelve (12) one day seminars/ talks/ presentations before university students and the faculty; two (2) youth exchanges, one (1) research study on hate-speech within the curriculum of history at the Masters level; publication and dissemination of 10 reports based on discussions and a quarterly magazine; one (1) policy dialogue; setting up of an information network correspondents team for the magazine; establishment of at least 10 peace groups at the selected universities and a joint group at the regional level, and instituting and updating of a website.

Promotion of Liberal and Democratic Values through Capacity Building:
In the period from Feburary, 03 to 04, Bargad carried out the project Promotion of Liberal and Democratic Values through Capacity Building with the support of Gender Equality Project (GEP) - DFID- British Council. The intention was to create a reservoir of youth in district Gujranwala to promote gender equality through imparting knowledge and skills of forming group’s rights and conducting social research in educational institutions and communities with a special focus upon gender rights. The objectives were to make a core team of college students and enable them to understand issues like development, gender and promotion of liberal and democratic values. Secondly to work on the issues of gender and development and for the promotion of liberal and democratic values through this trained core team of students at community level and in colleges.

Promotion of Liberal and Democratic Values through Capacity Building among Youth:
The project mainly aimed at promotion of liberal and democratic values among students of academic institutions in the Punjab through their capacity building and secondly, to mobilize and prepare a section of the young people of Pakistan to contribute to the intellectual progress of the nation.



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