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Bunyad Literacy Community Council
Activities and Programs

Completed Projects:

Non-Formal Primary Education Project in Hafizabad & Multan
·         NFPE Programme in 84 Cneters in Hafizabad and 56 centers in Multan with 4000 beneficiaries (Supported by Pakistan Literacy Commission)

 Non-formal Basic Education for Rural Girls (Hafizabad Community Schools)
·         50 NFPE Centres, 1800 learners (Supported by TVO)

Non-Formal Education for Children Working in Carpet Weaving Industry at Sheikhupura & Hafizabad
·         Targets 3850 children in 110 centers (Supported by ILO-IPEC-PCMEA)

 Advocacy for Elimination of Child Labour from Hazardous Occupations in Ogoki, Sialkot, Sheikhupura targeting Communities, Parents, Policy makers and Local Government (Supported by UNICEF), beneficiaries 30,000 people.
Universal Primary education Projects Sialkot, Murree, Kotli Sathian and Rawalpindi.
·         Programme Involves Enrollment of Children in Formal School, Prevention of dropouts through capacity building of schools and provision of non-formal education to the un-reached (Supported by UNICEF), beneficiaries 3 Union Councils.

 MCH & Reproductive Health Center at Taejgarh Village, Lahore
·         Communities adjoining Taejgarh, Wahgha road are benefited (Supported by Family Planning Association of Pakistan) , beneficiaries 15,000 people.

·         Literacy Project, Kot Momin, Sargodha (Supported by NCHD), beneficiaries 1500 people.

·         Adult Literacy Project, Hafizabad. Supported by District Government, beneficiaries 7000 people.

·         Voicing of the Poor – Adult Literacy Project Daska, Sialkot. (Supported by Directorate General of Social Welfare Punjab) beneficiaries 15000 people.

·         Adult Literacy Project, Wazirabad (Supported by PLC) beneficiaries 400 people.

·         Education for out of school Youth and Adolescents, Sialkot (UNICEF supported) beneficiaries 10000 people.

·         Early Childhood Care and Development, Daska Sialkot, (UNICEf supported) beneficiaries 5000 people.

·         Registration at Birth (RAB) in 6 Union Councils, Sialkot. (UNICEF supported) beneficiaries 15000 people.

·         PPAF – Micro–Credit Project, Kabirwala, Shujabad, Hafizabad, Lahore, beneficiaries 1073.

·         Women’s Enablement Financial (Micro-credit) Programme Muzaffargarh, Multan, Sargodha, Arifwala, Jampur, Lahore Sheikhipura, (supported by Federal Ministry of Women’s development) beneficiaries 744 people.

·         ILO Pilot Employment of Women through Micro-credit Project Shujabad, Hafizabad, Muzzafargarh, beneficiaries 410 people.

·         Community Learning Centers (CLCs)

·         Natt, Lahore, Kabirwala, Muzzafargarh, Hafizabad, Shujabad, Multan, Sialkot (Supported by UNICEF) beneficiaries 50000 people.

·         Rural Women’s Empowerment through skill development Cardiff University, College of Home Economics Higher Education Link;

·         Natt, Teigarh, Lahore, beneficiaries 20000 people.

Bunyad Community School System: This comprises a chain of small formal schools developed as a result of sustainability of non formal education centers after termination of donors funding. These are being run by communities or teachers with Bunyad support.
·         Lahore – 6: Natt, Shareefpura, Awan Dhaiwala, Bagrian, Karbath, Kot Dunni Chand, Sialkot -9: Pasrur, Daska, Sialkot, Bunyad School System: A formal school in Kolo Tarar village, Hafizabad

Punjab Literacy Watch Programme: Its functions include Research, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Literacy Programmes in Punjab (Supported by UNESCO initially but on going)
Basic Education Research and Training Initiatives (BERTIs) at:
·           Multan

·           Muzzafargarh

·           Kabirwala

·           Shujabad

·           Lahore

·           Sialkot

These are Bunyad’s regional resource centers through which it implements projects in these regions. BERTIS also have their own programmes and are encouraged and helped to establish themselves as independent organization. (beneficiaries 13 districts).

The programes being promoted by BERTIS include

i. Non-formal Primary Education

ii. Adult Literacy

iii. Micro-Credit for Women

iv. Vocational / Skill Trainings

v. Computer Trainings

 Adult Literacy Programme KotMomin (Sargodha)
·         This programme has been launched with the collaboration of NCHD, beneficiaries 1500 people.

·         Universalization of Primary Education (UPE) Liaqatpur (Rahim Yar Khan)

It has three elements

• Collection of data of out of school children

• 100% enrollment of children into schools between 5-7 years of age

• Improvement in quality of Education beneficiaries

·        Hafizabad Literacy Promotion Programme (HLPP)

§         Supported by NETC – 1993 beneficiaries 1500 people.

§         Community Literacy Promotion Programme (CLPP) 1993, beneficiaries 700 people.

§         ILM Non Formal Primary Education.

·        Project for Girls 1994 – 1996,1998

·        Beneficiaries 6000 Centers, 18000 Learners

·        Supported by UNICEF

·        Women Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation (Adult Literacy)

·        110 Centers, 1650 beneficiaries supported by UNESCO

·        PDP Non Formal Primay Education for Girls.

·        Project Sheikhupura 1996

·        90 Centers, 2700 Learners, beneficiaries

·        Non Formal Secondary School for Girls

·        Supported by CIDA, Hafizabad & Multan.

·        90 Centers, 2700 learners

·        Training and Education of Carpet Weaving Children (TECC)

·        Sheikhupura & Hafizabad. 1995 – 1996

·        Beneficiaries 200 Children supported by ILO – IPEC

·        Programme of Training and Education for Carpet Weaving Children (TECC II)

·        Targeting 441 Children. ILO – IPEC.

·        Implementation of Social Action Programme

·        Beneficiaries in 45 villages Lahore, Hafizabad and Multan.

·        Supported by World Bank 1996.

·        Environmental Awareness and Solid Waste Management in Mega Cities of Punjab 2000, beneficiaries 4 cities.

·        Integrated Sanitations and Farming Systems

·        Supported by UNESCO, 2001 beneficiaries 10000 people.

·        Punjab Private Sector Groundwater

·        Development Project (Gender Component)

·        Supported by World Bank. 2000 – 2001

·        Beneficiaries 50,000 people. 


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