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Our Five Key Program Areas:

Growing Up Healthy

Ensuring children have the means and the knowledge to grow up healthy is a core part of our program. Yet in the poorest communities the odds are stacked against children. We work to ensure the children''s very survival. We fight for their protection and their healthy development.  Inseparable from this work is ensuring the reproductive health of adolescents and adults, especially women of child-bearing age.


We want all children, adolescents and adults to acquire basic learning and life skills so as to contribute to the development of their communities. We teach parents the importance of an education for the benefit of their children and the future of their communities.


For children to reach their full potential they need to live in safe and healthy homes and neighborhoods—"habitats." We work with children, their families and communities to focus and act on children’s habitat needs, from home construction to safe drinking water and waste disposal.


This domain addresses the root cause of poverty and ensures that the improved financial position of families leads to increased economic and social benefits for their children. We have award-winning strategies that help parents—especially mothers—with poverty-busting credit and small business development programs.

Building Relationships

Increasing understanding and unity among people of different cultures and countries is a goal that we take very seriously. We passionately promote the rights and interests of the world’s children. With caring donors in 17 industrialized countries, we work toward the day when all people act as a single community sharing a common agenda: a better, safer world for children.

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