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Human Resource Development Network
Activities and Programs

Annual Trainer’s Retreat
Human Resource Development (HRD) is not an isolated and static field of development rather it has a number of intricacies that require continuously upgrading skills of Trainers and hence, contribute to add upon its quality for onward disseminating quality knowledge among masses.

In order to keep the Trainers abreast with all the new concepts, philosophies and approaches, the Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) brings together emerging and diversified groups of trainers, from around the country, who are engaged in providing training and education both in the “not for profit” and the corporate sectors. The activities of the Network are conducted in line with its mission of enhancing the professional excellence of its members through meaningful development interventions by facilitating research, training and capacity building endeavors and sharing information, resources and expertise at national and international levels.

The Network organizes many forums to provide ample opportunity to the maximum number of Trainers to participate, share their views, learn from other''s experiences and be part of the conceptual development forum for trainers.  One of the major forums organized every year by HRDN is Annual Trainers Retreat where eminent trainers and HRDN members meet to develop a resource group for capacity building of trainers and establish industry standards in training. 

The event is purposely designated as a Retreat. Now, since, we are interacting with Trainers, who are always at the delivering-end in different Seminars, Conferences, Trainings, Workshops etc. hence, they become tired of giving lectures and training sessions. Therefore, during the Retreat, trainers are given ample time to have fun for their enjoyment and since they are always encircled with their fellow-professionals, hence, a lot of new ideas and meaningful interventions are discussed – mostly on the theme of the Retreat. Then, later on compile their discussion and present it for sharing with others.  In order to make the event more refreshing, most of the times, it is held at a place where participants feel tranquility and revitalizing.

The specific objectives of holding Annual Trainers’ Retreat are:

Promote culture of Trainer-meet-Trainer for improving the quality of efforts in developing human resources
Develop broader understanding on thematic issues relating to human resource development and capacity building
Establish industry standards in training
Sharing best practices
Provide learning exposure to Trainers in a joyful manner
Various tools and methodologies are used for having interaction over different aspects of the selected theme and participants are given ample opportunity to think and contribute on making the systems more lucid, transparent and purposeful.

The salient benefits of Annual Trainers’ Retreat are:

Trainers get an opportunity to refresh and relax from their tough routines of delivering lectures and conducting training sessions – facing different kind of people and explaining different approaches, concepts and philosophies in varying environments.
A platform where Trainers can share their experiences, practices and innovations they have made in their training techniques / methodologies
A joyful learning environment is created where Trainers discuss their training related activities in a serene environment
Event is made more effective by introducing innovative learning and sharing techniques
Helps in building strong linkage among the Trainers from all over the Region
Initiating the process of developing Quality Standards in each sector of training cycle

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