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JORDAN (Johi Organization for Rural Development and Natural Resources)
Activities and Programs

JORDAN Health Program:

From the commencement of its work in the social sector, JORDAN has been paying special attention to the health of the community. That is why, JORDAN Health Program is one of its major projects.
The members of the community were facing a deadly need of medical health facilities. They had no option except that they face to Johi (taluka headquarter) or Dadu (district headquarter), that are about 10kms from them, for the treatment of their patients. This made them face severe difficulties. These difficulties could even turn in to severe troubles in the emergencies like deliveries, snake-biting, or in any other incident. We with the support of BHPBilliton (an Austrialian-based multinational oil-gas exploration company) launched a project of community health centers help and provide these people living pathetic lives the health facilities at their doorsteps as they may be able to enjoy their universal right: Sound Health!
The program consists on three community health centers (CHCs):
1. CHC Village Pir Mashaikh (Taluka Johi)
2. CHC Village Warayo Panhwar (Taluka Dadu)
3. CHC Village Saifal Panhwar (Taluka Johi)
These community health centers provide the community members health facilities during daytime covering about a hundred villages of 5000 individuals. To ensure that these CHCs are providing the people good health facilities, village health committees (VHCs) have been formed that comprise of four members (2 male, 2 female members) from the villages where these CHCs are operational.

The poor status of education creates severe social problems and, consequently, a state of restlessness is created in the whole world, and some particular areas play a significant role in creating such conditions-the areas where conservativeness and out-of-date customs are prevailing; where female education is felt to be a cause of shame for the inhabitants; where male-dominant society is not ready to allow women to take part in decision-making process; where women and children are gifted heavy physical as well as mental burden. And we, JORDAN, are working in such areas for promoting Quality Education.
We found very poor status of the education in this area. Mostly the inhabitants of this area were less aware of education, and, day by day, the quality of education was being deteriorated. Our motive was to enhance the quality of education for the poor community. In this regard, we established Jordan Model School in Johi town, providing education up to the middle level. In this school the poor students’ quota has been fixed. Under this program many poor students are getting very fine quality education. With the dream of providing quality education, this school is serving as a role model. We call it our pilot project of JORDAN Education Program. In order to extend this program to far-flung areas and up to a high standard institute we are struggling to come into contact with the stakeholders working in the same field.
In a word, our notion in the wake of the educational program is to provide education to vulnerable groups regarding technical, vocational as well as academic education.


Capacity Building:

Under the title of Capacity Building, time and again, we arrange trainings, workshops, seminars, and lecture programs on different themes/subjects to build the capacity of the community.
This section enfolds each sector of operation of JORDAN, i.e. Health, Education, Women Empowerment, and Youth Awareness, which means the workshops, trainings and seminars are arranged on the topics of these sectors. For example, workshops on hygiene and cleanliness, TBA''s training, modern teaching methods, self-development and conflict resolution.
CHWs'' Trainings Programs
TBAs'' Training Program
Teachers'' Training Program

Youth Awareness Program:
JORDAN Youth Forum (JYF) is a youth program by JORDAN operating to diagnose the poor condition of opportunities and social justice in order to foster democratic involvement of youth in the process of social change. It involves helping the youth to promote transformational learning.
It facilitates the youth to enhance their political and socio-economic visions and values, and it also helps them reshape their ways of thinking and acting. It involves challenging and supporting youth in achieving higher levels of performance while allowing them to bring out the best in themselves and the ones around them; it means going through a deep learning process that results in embodying new skills and capabilities, in the simplest day-in and day-out terms.
JYF involves expanding the youth’ capacity to take effective actions for healthy society. It often comes down to making it possible for the youth to succeed in society where success is thought to be very difficult to achieve.
The society is a complex of dilemmas and difficult situations, and the youth are the major individuals to solve them. And, it demands mentors to be born who can help the youth to think and respond to situations in a better manner. This is the domain of JORDAN Youth Forum [JYF].

Women Empowerment Program:
This area has got many skilled people- in embroidery work, clay pot making, stitching, and rope making, etc.- but, unfortunately, their skills have not been utilized properly. The workers of such jobs are given, finally, very unsatisfying reward for their work, as most of the profit goes directly to the middle man and the producer is not benefited at all. Keeping this perspective in mind, JORDAN started Jordan Stitching and Embroidery Centre under the stream of “Women Empowerment & Skills Development Program”. The concept behind this program is to enable women of disadvantaged communities to learn skills that can serve as a source of income-generation.  This centre is working as a Cultural Pool of the area, where the specimens of craftsmanship are available at peoples’ disposal.
From this centre more than seventy women and girls have been benefited so far. At present they are able to stitch cloth at domestic as well as commercial level, and are making livelihood for their families.
JORDAN firmly believes in empowering women by teaching them skills and enhancing their economic resources in order to protect their rights and enable them to make decisions about themselves.


Water Resource Management Program:
This area, called Kachho, is known for scarcity of water that prevails here all year long. Droughts are common in this arid area which deprived of almost every facility needed to spend a healthy life. Due to scarcity of water, the inhabitants are unable to easily get safe drinking water for their daily use. The only possible way for them is to go to far flung areas on foot (sometimes they also use donkeys for this purpose) and fetch water to satisfy their needs. This duty, like many others, is also imposed upon women and children of the villages and due to which children have no time to go to school. So, this practice creating several problems also affects directly the education of the children as well.         
On analyzing the situation, we come to know that poor planning of water management is the chief cause behind the droughts coming in this area. Water reservoirs can easily be seen to have been ill-planned and mismanaged. If proper planning is applied on setting up water reservoirs that could store water for the villagers to use it properly, the state of the area is sure to get better.
In this regard, JORDAN in collaboration with SCOPE (Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment) conducted an analytical survey about scarcity of water in Kachho: Water shortage is not natural here, but it has occurred due to ill pwater planning in this region. Bahawal Bund is that point where water could be reserved for the agriculture and drinking purposes. The purpose of the survey was to collect facts and figures to fid out whether it was possible to construct a small dam on it. The findings announced that a small dam is possible to be constructed on it. Construction of the dam is also enlisted in our future planning.

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