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Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT)
Staff and Members

1- Mr. K.Z. Hassan
2- Mr. Najmus Saquib Hameed
3- Mr. Yacoobali G. Zamindar
4- Justice (Retd.) Aamer Raza A. Khan
5- Mr. N.K. Shahani
6- Mr. Farrokh K. Captain
7- Mr. Aitzaz Shahbaz
8- Mr. Amir Ali Tapal
9- Mrs. Marriana Karim
10- Mr. M. Sharif Lillah - Executive Director
11- Mr. Rashid M. Khan - GM Finance & Support Services (Secretary)

1. Mr. K. Z. Hassan (Retired Company Chairman)
2. Mr. Najmus Saquib Hameed (Retired Company Chairman)
3. Mr. Yacoobali G. Zamindar (Chartered Accountant)
4. Mr. Justice (Retd) Aamer Raza A. Khan (Retired Judge, Lahore High Court & Advocate)
5. Mr. Khursheed K Marker (Company Chairman)
6. Syed Babar Ali (Company Chairman)
7. Mr. N.K. Shahani (Chartered Accountant)
8. Mr. Amir Ali Tapal (Company Director)
9. Mr. K.M. Aminullah (Chartered Accountant)
10. Prof. Muhammad Daud Khan (Professor of Ophthalmology, Vice Chancellor)
11. Mr. Farrokh K. Captain (Company Chairman)
12. Mr. Ahsan Raza (Chartered Accountant)
13. Mr. Naseem S. Mirza (Retired Company Chairman)
14. Mr. John Cowasjee (Company Chairman)
15. Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Ahmed (Ophthalmic Surgeon)
16. Mr. Azizul Haq (Architect)
17. Mr. Atizaz Shahbaz (Company Chairman)
18. Mrs. Spenta D. Kandawalla (Company Director)
19. Mrs. Marriana Karim (Social Worker)
20. Mian Ershad Zaheen (Investment Banker)
21. Pir Ali Gohar (Company Chairman)
22. Syed Fakhar Imam (Former Speaker, National Assembly of Pakistan)
23. Mr. Zain K. Anjarwala (Consultant Engineer)
24. Mr. Zaiviji Ismail Bin Abdullah (Company Chairman)

Office Bearers:
Mr. K.Z. Hassan - Honorary Chairman
Mr. Najmus Saquib Hameed - Honorary Vice Chairman & CEO
Mr. N. K. Shahani - Honorary Treasurer
Mr. Justice (Retd.) Aamer Raza A. Khan - Honorary Legal Advisor
Mr. Farrokh K. Captain - Honorary. Secretary

Head of organization: Khawaja Zafar Hassan – Honorary Chairman
Contact person: Mr. Najmus Saquib Hameed - Honorary Vice Chairman and CEO

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