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Professional Mutual-Aid Association
History and Background

AEP was founded in 1984 by a group of businessmen, bankers and social specialists.

Because of the war, banks had reduced their credits and could not get involved in risky projects. Thus, a whole category of population - the ones who did not get involved in war-related activities – needed a financial support to realize or develop survival micro-enterprises.

The AEP was founded, in order to fund – even partially – the credit needs of this new category of potential poor, by adding to the credit a human and technical follow-up.

The basic principle of this new association was to favor the spirit of “non assistance”, by giving access to credit to each “Borrower-entrepeneur”according to his needs and possibilities.

In spite of all the difficulties, different Committees and voluntary regional teams have marvelously succeeded in incarnating and developing this spirit.


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